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NarayananK Level 2
Level 2

Merge duplicate accounts?

Hi Google Maps,


Please let me know how can i maintain my local guide account in one gmail from the duplicate accounts, I have two, level one local guide accounts  i would like go through my one gmail account for all contribution. so how can i merge it without lose the benefits. 

Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

Hi @NarayananK,


According to previous discussions, it is not possible to consolidate LG contributions across different Google Accounts into one account.


The advice given is to choose one account for LG activities.

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NarayananK Level 2
Level 2

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

Hi @SampsonF


Thank you for your answer. 

DrewR Level 6
Level 6

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

Why not? It seems like all that would be required is for Google to build a small interface to let users do the following:


  • Login to account they would like to use as LG account
  • "Add" content from other account (require Login for that account)
  • Update the LG database to reflect this info


Is this really so hard?  Especially considering how much G benefits from LG, I don't see why, when someone moves to a more professional address, or a new phone that incorrectly orders the default account and then contributes, only later to realize the mistake, that they shouldn't be able to merge them.  From an LG point of view, this makes everything easier. Even thinking about this from a data scientist's point of view, you end up with redundant entries that end up skewing any results drawn from those data points....which is what G wants to do from the LG contributions.


So again, my question is a simple "why not?"

CraigR Level 3
Level 3

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

I agree. I have multiple Gmail accounts for different purposes. One of them I would like to always be my default for LG contributions. But if I check email for any other account, Google switches to that account for anything I do on my phone. At the very least, if there won't be an option to merge, I would like to have an option to turn off LG capabilities for my other accounts. I think right now it's tied to maps/location services which is all or nothing on the phone, not account specific.

FabienA Level 2
Level 2

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

Dear SampsonF,


It is of course not a suitable answer you propose. I do have a professional google account and a private one. While on holidays, I use my private, and while on prof. trip, the professional one. My phones keep asking me the same questions about the same places, which is most uncomfortable. And the progress scale is really not acceptable is you contribute from two different accounts. Shall I use only the professional one, this would be fine if we can transfer the LG account to another gmail address anytime.


I don't think I'm the only one is that case, which solution do you provide to enable better LG accounts mobility?


Kindest regards


Pea Level 8
Level 8

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

The question of transferring points and contributions between LG accounts has been answered by Google staff before and there's a settled position that it is not permitted. "Contributions to Google Maps must originate from a single Google account to count towards benefits and cannot be transferred between owned accounts." 


What is a more interesting question is whether one person is permitted to have multiple accounts that they are actively using at the same time. There doesn't seem to be anything obvious in the rules, though operating several accounts would perhaps be a subversive way of obtaining multiple Drive space offers. Thoughts @TraciC @Corrie ?


Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

As others have said, it is not currently possible to transfer content between accounts. We can't do it for you either. As someone who also has a professional and personal Google account, I understand how accidental contributions to the wrong account can happen. While reviews are pretty easy to copy and paste over and then delete from the other account, photos are a bit more annoying. Unfortunately, this is just a limitation of how the system works at this time. 


To answer @Pea's question, actively participating in Local Guides with more than one account is against our rules and policy. Doing so will result in removal of one if not all accounts and may result in a permanent ban from the LG program. 

RichF1 Level 5
Level 5

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

I have a bit of a different challenge. When I'm signed into my personal Local Guides account and it asks me if I want to contribute abd I choose yes, it brings me to my business Guides account which basically has no points and I don't want to make contributions there. I don't know why local guides is doing that or how to stop that. It really is annoying. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be most grateful.

Abdul_007 Level 4
Level 4

Re: Merge duplicate accounts?

Yes I agree with this. A small programme (merging the local guide accounts) is enough to get rid of from this mess. Google can think about it. If it is done LG will work more efficacy. Thank you.