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Meet and Greet

Being in Okinawa japan inside of 4 years i have learned a few things. Pretty much everyone checks the internet for things to do. second word of mouth is the source of everything, and finally you must be open minded to enjoy the overseas experience. i for one being an entertainer i am always looking for new ways to interact with people. One of the opportunities i have had the pleasure to experience is running across club sky okinawa. this club is american owned and operated from a military veteran and being fairly new the experience i had was unmatched and i just had to go back and i would also like to give people a chance to break out of the norm and come out to meet with me at club sky okinawa and share the great service and experience that i have. i wanted to have a meet and greet with anyone who lives in okinawa looking for a place to just relax not necessarily enjoy the club life 

kenneth bernard wilson jr
Club Sky, 1 Chome-2-23 Moromizato, Okinawa, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
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Re: Meet and Greet

Hi @king0071985,

 Welcome to Connect.


You can host your own meet-ups by planning it here.


Also have a look at this post How to Organize a Local Guides Meet-Up which gives you helpful ideas on the types of activities you can plan and some guidance and tips for helping you organize a successful event for yourself and the Local Guides in your area!


You might also want to tell us more about yourself and get to know others in our monthly Introduce Yourself topic.


I will change your topic label to meet-ups topic.

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Re: Meet and Greet

Hi, @king0071985

I recommend you to introduce yourself here as well. Some of the Japanese local guides are also checking here. You may meet new friends in Japan:-) Of course, you can write it in English. Thank you!