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AnanthRam Level 7
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Malleshwaram Food Crawl

local guide copy.jpg

That's right Banglore City! Google Locals Guides will be gathering for a restaurant crawl. We want everyone to get off their couches with empty stomachs and join us. We will mingle through multiple restaurants enjoying food, taking photos, writing reviews, and making a ton of new friends!

The restaurant Crawl will begin at Banglore city (Malleshwaram) and will takes us through the entire Malleshwaram!!!

Restaurants Tour Order/List:

1. Hallimane Restaurant

2. Albek

3. Holigemane

4. MTR

5. Ambur biriyani house

6. Karnataka Restaurant

7. Maiyas Restaurant

8. Asha Food camp Bonus Round:

9. Hotel Moon light

10. Picnic Restaurant

11. Malleshwaram dose corner

Ananth Ram
Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Malleshwaram Food Crawl

Hi @AnanthRam,


I hope you will have the chance to taste different interesting dishes and take nice photos during your meet-up.

Please share with us here on Connect your recap. I'm looking forward to check it out!

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AnanthRam Level 7
Level 7

Re: Malleshwaram Food Crawl

sure madam.. 

Ananth Ram
aaryesdee Level 8
Level 8

Re: Malleshwaram Food Crawl


Good to hear that you have planned for a meet.

I would be interested to join you all.

Kindly let me know the date, time and where is the meeting place.

Thanks & Regards