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#LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

A short introduction:

This post is my dream for 2020, and I think is also the dream of many others.

A dream is, of course, just a dream. For my dream, for our dream to become true, I will have to work, we will have to work together.

WasteReporting.pngCaption: a Local Guide taking photos of abandoned waste, for reporting them - photos: Local Guide @ermest

Dear Santa Claus,


this year I am writing to you well in advance, because I would like to ask you something special, and I think that you need time, to make everything ready before the end of the year.

For 2020, I would like a blue sky, green grass, clean and clear water, and a lot of flowers, yellow, red, blue, purple.

Something like this, a city with trees, flowers, and clear water

DSC00803.jpgCaption: a clean river crossing the city center, with green and blossoming trees - Local Guide @ermest

or like this, in natural areas and parks

DSC06831-COLLAGE.jpgCaption: a gorgeous nature - photos taken in various places in Italy - Local Guide @ermest

And, of course, one small, small detail: I would like to have this Everywhere in the World and, just to add a last word, yes, I promise, just a last word, I would like to have it ..... Forever.

Don't worry, Santa, you will not be alone in this. Last year we already started to clean, and we did it all around the World. You can see here, we have a project (Local Guides Clean The World - A Local Guides project) and we already cleaned a lot. Please, check the map, that @DavidTito  is maintaining day by day.

David is in Australia and I am in Italy. Yes of course, @FJoe and @br14n  are in Indonesia@HUMVILA  is in Spain@KarenVChin is in California, @Kashifmisidia is in Pakistan, @Venance is in Ivory Coast, @Julien44  is in France, so? We are Local Guides, we are everywhere, and we are all friends.


Dear Local Guides, more seriously now: with a few words I wanted to look back at what we did, with #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld, in less than one year. It looks impressive, but …

Is volunteering to clean by collecting plastic and abandoned waste, the correct way to act?

Yes it is. On one side, what we are doing collectively is extremely important. But on the other side, I believe that we have to find another, more pragmatic and systematic way of making an impact.


I have been thinking for a long time, before to come with this proposal. All of us, we are volunteering for Google Maps, a wonderful tool, with a huge capacity for future, and helpful implementation. So, why not to ask an improvement, that I call:



Is #WasteReporting replacing the actual #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld?

No, the original activities will continue, with meet-ups, education, and more. Waste reporting want to be an additional activity, something that we can do every day, in group or alone.

  • Every time when we see abandoned waste, we can take a photo.
  • We can add the photo to our personal map
  • We can share the map with other Local Guides
  • We can send the maps to the local authorities
  • We can share the maps in social media, and of course, here in Local Guides Connect

WasteReporting3.JPGCaption - A screenshot showing how to add your photos on Mymaps - Local Guide @ermest

How can we have a “personal Maps”?

This is the easier part

Start reporting: How can we report?

    1. Build up a mymaps and start to add photos in there. If you prefer, you can also copy and modify this one
    2. Share a link to your map in a reply in this post
    3. Spread this post to your friends. More people is acting in this, more information we will add

reportingCycle.JPGCaption: the three steps of Waste Reporting on Mymaps

Do you need help in managing it? @DavidTito  will share his expertise with you, just tag him.

In this way we will start to populate the maps


Do we need to arrange a meet-up for this? Of course a meet-up is always welcome, but it is not necessary. When, in your daily life, you see abandoned trash, just take some photo, and add it on the map.

If you see something that need to be noticed, write in here


What about the future? Of course, I have a dream. You can support it, if you like: Waste reporting - on Google Maps


Thank you for reading, thank you for your feedback



UPDATE: here below the links to the Mymaps course, prepared by David Tito:


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Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Como sugerí en el post de Exchange Ideas, la mejor forma de apoyar esto es compartir la idea por todos los,lugares que conozcamos para que el proyecto pueda entrar en cartera y sea posible realizarlo, creo que la idea es extraordinaria @ermest , gracias por compartirla ponerlemtantas horas de trabajo a ella.


4CA7CB87-7C93-4AC6-985C-7D89DA804234.jpegCaption: Laguna Esmeralda - Ushuaia (Local Guides @FaridMonti)




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Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Thank you @FaridMonti 

I love your photos. I am very tired in this moment. It took a long time to prepare everything, and a lot of energy. But I will respond to everyone

Venance Level 10
Level 10

Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Wawww @ermest ,

Great post , I'm ready to be involved in this challenge .

I'll post something soon.

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Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Thank you @Venance 

This is an easy project, a project for everyone, for increasing individual awareness.

For the future, my dream is Waste reporting - on Google Maps

Hope you will find it interesting

FJoe Level 10
Level 10

Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Terima kasih @ermest  sudah menandai saya dalam rantai post ini. 


Dunia darat, laut dan udara yang semakin bersih adalah mimpi kita bersama. Mari kita raih bersama dengan melibatkan semakin banyak dunia usaha lokal, nasional dan global. 


Terima kasih juga @DavidTito  yang selalu menjaga dan menghubungkan peta relawan local guides clean the world.


Hanya satu kata, @ermest ... Wooww. Rencana LGCTW 2.0 akan terus berlanjut. Saya akan tambahkan Bali Local Guides ada Sandra dan Aiko di Sukabumi,  Jawa Barat,  Indonesia.


Yang saya sepakat dengan Anda. Ada banyak nama di bagian dunia yang tergerak dengan sukacita. 





OmerAli Level 8
Level 8

Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Dear @ermest 

  That is such a noble cause that you are working. I really admire how humble you are and how passionate you are to take everyone on-board, huge respect. 

  Indeed, we need such projects and I believe that the biggest reason to be a little more active on such social causes is to stay firm, heads high and tell our next generations proudly that we did everything we could to help save mother earth. 

   I will also work on this project here in Malaysia with my full capacity. 




davidhyno Level 9
Level 9

Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Congrats @ermest for this post very detailed and full of dreams, even of a single big dream!


You have my full support so that your dream (which is also that of all of us) can be achieved even before 2020!



Kashifmisidia Level 10
Level 10

Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Thank you @ermest  for tagging me. As a team member of our Noble project #CleanTheWorld , we all are trying to fight against pollution, and specially plastic pollution. I would like to say congratulations to you, that you started alone, but because of great thoughts now many people, who never think like that in thier life like this (I m a biggest example) are now doing thier small or big efforts for this great cause. And I wish that world will become like that soon , as you want, we want, and as we can see in your beautiful Video.


Shurkiya Ermes Toun 🙏

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Re: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld is 2.0 now - The new project, waiting for 2020

Thank you for your reply, @FJoe 

Well, I think that, in some moment, the people will understand that this is the only place that we have, is our home, and we want to keep home clean.

In the meantime, my dream for the future, is to have Waste reporting - on Google Maps. What do you think?