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Flighttime Level 7
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Local guide with all unrelated pics

I'm assuming this is the best method to tag a mod in order to deal with a local guide that has nothing but unrelated pics in their account.



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GenerolHavoc Level 6
Level 6

Re: Local guide with all unrelated pics

Hello @Flighttime


Thanks for reaching out to the Local Connect community and Google Mods about a possible Bad Local Guide.


Unfortunately, it's coming into the weekend so most Google Mods are away ATM.


If you haven't already, could you take a look at these ( Flagging inappropriate reviews ) , ( Maps User Contributed Content Policy ) as the team of specialists who review and check if something is violating the rules use these.


I would also suggest reading this ( How Do I Report Content on Google Maps? ) as this will explain and help with reporting spam to Google.


Furthermore, I have tagged @BruceDM & @TraciC , be patient and wait for them to contact you here or via Private message.


Once again thanks and I hope this helps.


Re: Local guide with all unrelated pics

Hello @Flighttime - I'll send you a private message with instructions.

I am not available to respond on the weekend