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Local Guides Clean The World - A Local Guides project

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Author note: this project has been selected for Earth day 2018 by Local Guides


Breaking News: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - In your Language

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Plastic products have changed our life, in a positive way.
Easy to produce, at low cost, plastics is used in most of the products that we are using in our life: from shopping bags to cars and computers, from markers to kitchen tools.
Colorful and light, plastic products are filling our life of happiness.

IMG_20180113_171653.jpgStationery shop - Coloured pens

Easy to produce, plastic products are used in important fields, like automotive, computers, agriculture, medicine, and many others.
Disposable syringes and surgical products, made in plastic, are saving our life everyday.


Plastic products have changed our life, in a negative way.
Easy to produce, at low cost, they are frequently thrown away after use
Plates, glasses, bottles and plastic bags are constantly abandoned, thrown away. Because of the low cost, it is not worthwhile to recover them.



Abandoned in the environment, the lightweight plastic products are transported by wind and rain, to get into the rivers, and finish their journey in the oceans.

The action of the wind, rain and waves, shatters the plastic into small pieces, which float on the water.

Birds and fish swallow the colored pieces of plastic, which can not be digested and accumulate in their stomach. The fish enter the plastic bags, and they can not get out.

Ocean Gyres helps in accumulating the plastic garbage, in what is known as the ”Great Pacific garbage patch


Plastic pollution has become one of the great dangers for our planet

Fighting plastic pollution can become a major objective for Local Guides


Want to know how? Keep reading



Local Guides clean the world - outline of a project

Five targets for Local Guides (plus one) - A “one year long” project


Step 0 - A logo for a new project

158x198px 1.PNG


This is a special Project for Local Guides World, we will do a lot of different activities, all under the same flag: #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld

For me, it is important to give a way for easy identifying the activities related to Environement and Pollution, mostly Plastic Pollution, that we will run this year.

With this idea in my mind, I started a contest for inventing a new logo - Local Guide Contest: a logo for a new project. The logo has been voted, and now we already have it.

A logo that you can use for every activity related to this project, in Meet-ups, GeoWalk, documents, T-shirt. You can download the logo here






Step 1 - Education

(read here for more)
A lot of people is unaware of the problem. Local Guides can be a good education/information channel, organizing Meetups with students, explaining the danger of plastic pollution and showing them how easy is to collect and recycle plastics. Local Guides are students and teachers, children and parents (with some Grandparents too)

  • we can prepare educational material, to be used in the school
  • We can organize activities in the school, for teaching children about the 3R concept (Reduce - Recycle - Reuse)
  • We can run “Educational Meetup”
  • In High school, we can invite students to Develop a search about plastic pollution

They can be invited to step 2 and 3
It can be interesting to have Local Guides working together for preparing educational / informative documents


Step 2 - Documentation
Photowalk meetups, or even individual photowalk, are welcome. The aim is to collect documentation of polluted areas, like roads, rivers, public parks, beaches, mountains (I am thinking about all the the material abandoned by climbers) that can be the a target for the step 3. Photo albums will be linked to a worldwide “Mymaps of plastic pollution
Photos to be shared in social channels, with the hashtag #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld


Step 3 - Actions

  • Clean the planet - Volunteer meetups, for cleaning selected areas, identified in step 2.
    Also non Local Guides are invited to be part of the event. Local Guide program to be shared. Photos and videos needed
  • Cleaning around the school with the Local Guides, with a picnic / party at the end of the day, in a cleaned place
  • Adopt a Place - Volunteer meetups, for keeping a specific area monitored and clean
  • Social cleanup - Cleanup the yard of an old person or someone who you know who can't look after themselves

All the Recaps will be linked to the worldwide “Mymaps of plastic pollution


Step 4 - Publication

Build up of aMymaps of plastic pollution, showing the identified areas, as per step 2, and highlighting the cleanup actions.
For every place we will provide:

  • A selected photo, loaded in Mymaps
  • A link to a photo album of the place / event
  • A link to the recap post in Connect

Mymaps to be shared in social channels, with the hashtag #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld


Step 5 - Best practice

(here is the thread) with also the Related Media News
Positive example of cities / countries that are fighting plastic pollution.

Sharing positive example of Recycle or Reuse of products and materials can push people in doing the same. In this way we can have contributions also from Countries that have already started to solve the issue:

  • Meetups, for visiting Recycling factory, with interview
  • Videos, “how do we handle Recycle in our daylife”


Five step - One year of activities

Follow the links for the posts related to every step

Share this post in all social, Using the Hashtags #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld and #LocalGuides


Thanks for reading - Have a Fun with Local Guides



Treviso, TV, Italia
Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

A bit of story


When I started to think about this project, in the first days of January, I would never have imagined this moment.

I was walking on the beach, I just wanted to photograph the sunset, when a large patch of colored plastic presented itself to the view. The first thought (being a Local Guide) was to organize a meetup to clean the beach. I was already thinking about the date of the meetup, when, reading a post in Connect, about the Worldwide meetup (thanks @AlejandraMaría for posting the wonderful recap), my thinking has changed direction.

The hashtag #LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld borns in this way, used for the very first time on January 20, in Instagram. It was more than two months ago.

I started to write, to think, I changed ideas hundreds of times, I started to talk with some Connect Moderator and in this way the idea started to grow up.


I want to remember to everyone the Rules of behaviour for our activities: The 5 core values of Connect .

  • We’re welcoming. Anyone can be a Local Guide, no matter where they live or what language they speak. We’re a truly global community! When new people join, we go out of our way to make them feel included.
  • We’re thoughtful. How we use Connect defines the whole community’s experience, so we’re always mindful of how our actions affect others. This means being considerate in big ways (like only writing respectful things about — and to — each other) and small (like only tagging others in posts they’ll be delighted to see, since every tag generates a notification).
  • We’re helpful. Our community thrives because we love to help each other. When we have a question, we post it on Connect so everyone can benefit from the answer. When we know the answer to someone else’s question, we post it in a reply (unless someone else already has). When we have a question, we post it on Connect so everyone can benefit from the answer. Google Moderators are active every day, looking for chances to jump in and solve problems, but the vast majority of issues are solved by other Local Guides — so keep an eye out for their solutions.
  • We’re original. We post our own words, photos, and videos that we’ve created just for Connect. If we do share something that someone else created, we’re sure to give proper credit.
  • We’re watchful. When we see something wrong, we say something about it. If a post is obscene, offensive, or not allowed for another reason, we tap the three dots at its top-right corner and select “Report Inappropriate Content.”

We are respectful, it would be my way of summarizing the concept. In this moment, and in the future, a lot of people is reading this post, here in Connect and shared in a lot of Socials. A lot of people is watching us.


Feel free to comment, to give suggestions, to discuss in all the different topic of the project


Yes, I still calling this "a project", because it is my vision of the Idea: a project, for building up a better world. Half million of people, in this community, a lot of little drops to fill the sea.

To make this idea become true is our target.


Thanks to everyone



Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

This is amazing @ermest! A great initiative where everyone can help at least a bit. I will love to help it evolve and see it growing. You are a really encouraging local guide who simply exceeds all expectations. Congratulations on your motivation and compromise with the environment, and thanks for letting us be a part of this project. We can achieve a lot, and we will!

BudionoS Level 9
Level 9

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

very cool initiative @ermest and I wish Local Guides in Indonesia could join this project to make world better ;)

Haseeb Level 9
Level 9

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

Yeaaay @ermest I'm already excited to participate in this noble cause, consider me in. I'll try to give my best efforts :)


FJoe Level 10
Level 10

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

Gagasan luar biasa @ermest.


Banyak cara mulia yang dilakukan kelompok dan invidu. Mereka dengan sukarela. Menyumbangkan tenaga,  waktu,  pemikiran dan tidak sedikit biaya. Berjuang terus menerus tanpa henti untuk mewujudkan gunung,  pemukiman,  perkantoran, kampung,  sungai, selokan, danau dan laut banyak terbebas dari sampah. Jenis sampah plastik,  kain,  sepatu , sandal,  pakaian,  karet,  styrofoam bahkan sampah Bahan Beracun dan Berbahaya semua ada di sungai Ciliwung.


Ini sebuah gagasan brilian untuk menyuarakan keprihatinan global tentang sama. 


@BudiFX @EdiSuprihanto @Aiko @Sudiyah262 di Bogor dan temans di Indonesia serta masyarakat global,  mari kita bersama-sama bergandengan tangan untuk mewujudkan dunia yang lebih bersih dan pembangunan dunia yang berkelanjutan


Kami relawan lokal bersama komunitas lokal Laskar Karung senang dan akan berbagi semua tentang kegiatan ini. Nantikan posting foto kegiatan kami tiap Sabtu pagi. 


Salam Hijau dari Kota Bogor


AgoesSantosa Level 8
Level 8

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project


Thank for the info and the project, it would be great and very important in real life. We can (always) keep clean the world everyday as a Local Guides. 

We will disscussing and take action more and more.


SriSedono_id Level 8
Level 8

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

Terimakasih pak @ermest,


Gagasan yang sangat luar biasa. Saat ini ancaman bahaya sampah plastik sudah sangat mengancam lingkungan. Setiap hari kita temukan di sungai kecil dan berakhir di laut. Akibatnya terjadi penyumbatan aliran air dan lebih berbahaya meracuni satwa yang hidup di air. 


Thank you @ermest ,


The idea that is extraordinary. This time the danger of plastic waste have been very threatening environment. Every day we find a small creek and ended up in the sea. The result is a blockage of the flow of water and more dangerous poison animals that live in wate


Isral_Tobiank Level 7
Level 7

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project


Thank you for your brilliant idea for this program.

Let us carry out this program starting from the smallest environment that is our personal, family, work environment, and society around us.

Hopefully what is our main goal to create a clean world of waste, especially plastic waste can be realized.

With Local Guides we can do it.


Warm Regards,
Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

@BudionoS, don’t be shy! Definitely you and the rest of the Indonesia Local Guides Community, and any Local Guide or Local Guides Community, can join Local Guides Clean the World initiative. Remember #LocalGuidesCleantheWorld is powered by us, Local Guides. 


Our new logo was created by a Local Guide @MiroslavSerbia which we as a global community voted for. It’s up to us to create, design, and implement whether we are just one Local Guide, few Local Guides, or a Local Guides Community. The beauty of this initiative it can be life changing in our communities — clean our worlds for the better, help teach people, especially children, our future, how to recycle, reuse, and upcycle.


@ermest would love to have you and your support. @NunungAfuah is on board and is thinking of ways of how your country can get involved.





@BudionoS wrote:

very cool initiative @ermest and I wish Local Guides in Indonesia could join this project to make world better ;)