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Local Guides Challenge 2016

Our next Local Guides Challenge is here: we challenge you to explore the world near and far. From today until October 28, every high quality review you write and every photo you upload to Google Maps will count as an entry in the challenge. The 5 cities that contribute the most reviews and photos in October will be invited to an epic event in their hometown.


Rally your fellow Local Guides and step up your game — everlasting #LocalGuides glory is on the line.





How do I enter the Challenge?

All Local Guides are automatically entered into the Challenge — there is no official registration to participate.


Do those of us in smaller communities have a chance? It seems this challenge favors larger cities.

Winning cities will be determined by the percent of participating Local Guides in a given location — living in a big or small town won't artificially affect your chances.


What about those of us that live in remote areas? Or live in places where Local Guides aren't very active?

The top individual contributors around the world will be rewarded with exclusive prizes regardless where they are — bustling cities, remote areas, and everywhere between. We'll individually reward those who go above and beyond. And no, we won't share what the reward is — it's a surprise.  ;)


How will we know where we rank in the Challenge?

Follow our social channels for weekly updates. We'll share leaderboards and other updates on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. We’ll also post weekly updates here on Connect.


How do I write a review on Google Maps?

Learn how to write a review and discover tips for writing great reviews.


How do I upload a photo to Google Maps?

Learn how to add photos and review our photo policies and guidelinesMake your photos shine with these tips for taking better photos.


Do all of the photos I upload count?

As with Local Guides points, the number of places you’ve uploaded photos to is what counts. For example, 5 photos uploaded to 5 places counts as 5 points; 5 photos uploaded to 1 place counts as 1 point.


How do I meet other Local Guides in my hometown to encourage them to participate?

Meet others and share inspiration and encouragement here on Local Guides Connect. Share with others on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #LocalGuides.


What's that — 5 events?!

That's right. The top 5 cities with the most high quality reviews and the most quality photos added to Google Maps within the month of October will win an event. Time to step up your game.


When will the events be? Do we have to live in a winning city to attend?

Winning events will be held at the end of this year and possibly early next year; dates and details to be announced. Event attendance will be reserved for those who participated in the Challenge. Spaces at each event may be available to those who were top contributors to the Challenge but live elsewhere.