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Introduce Yourself — September 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to Local Guides Connect. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our community.


As “Introduce Yourself” threads can be lengthy, we start a new one each month and lock past threads. You can check past threads, like [last month’s], to see who recently joined and where they’re from (simply search for "Introduce Yourself"). If you're new, please use this thread to post your “I'm new” or “Hello world” posts. We’ll merge any posts we find elsewhere with this thread to keep things organized.

To start, let me introduce myself:


  1. Name: Nadezhda, it’s the Bulgarian (slavic) word for hope
  2. Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: As I am someone who finds a lot of pleasure in eating out and travelling, I prefer taking educated decisions about where I’d go next. Therefore, I like reading about other Local Guides’ experiences from the places I’m interested in. However, as much as I enjoy reading reviews and looking at photos, I also love it when I share my knowledge with others.
  4. My favorite thing to explore: I am super interested in different cultures. I’m especially fascinated by the differences and similarities in people’s habits from all over the world. Things I like learning about are how they communicate, eat, have fun etc.
  5. Fun Fact about me: I’m nervous and a bit scared when going down all kinds of stairs because of an accident I had years ago. Going down a steep hill is something that scares me a ton. Here’s a photo of me fighting this fear for 30+ km during this weekend:

20180901_144253.jpgPicture of me in the Pirin mountains


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Olubukola Level 7
Level 7

Hello from Edmonton!

  1. Name: Olubukola Gbenga-Faremi
  2. Location: Edmonton
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: I love the responsibility it gives me to provide accurate and useful information to the next Google maps user.
  4. My favourite place globally is Dubai.
  5. Some facts about myself: I am a newbie in Edmonton having lived all my life in Nigeria. I am so eager to take on the city and make it mine while helping others get around much easier than I did.
Olubukola Gbenga-Faremi
HRC Level 6
Level 6

Re: Hello from Edmonton!

I Love your "Bio" and about yourself , very readable and specific! ! I just read and HAD to tell you . Much good times and posts. ☺😉

Heather Renée
Olubukola Level 7
Level 7

Re: Hello from Edmonton!

Thanks HRC ..... Her Royal Cuteness? 😁

Olubukola Gbenga-Faremi
AbhiSunVek Level 6
Level 6



About Me : I am am an educator,  love travelling, attending seminars and active involvement in social activities. 

Local Guide For Me : I use Google map and reviews frequently a lot while i was travel to a new place. I came to know about local guide just few days back by receiving a mail on account of reaching 5th level. Due to summer vacation, i am spending maximum time on LGLS 2018 to get a chance to meet the global contributing reviews , photos and tasks related to google maps. Now I am at level 6. The main reason to spending  more time LG to meet Global fiends and share, gain the knowledge of historical places around the world.


BEST OF LUCK  to all


SaravanaKumari Level 1
Level 1


Hi Everyone !


           Today I have joined in local guides. I am from coimbatore city.



JanVanHaver Level 10
Level 10

Re: HI

Hello @SaravanaKumari, , welcome to the club!

Greetings from Belgium

VijayDesai Level 10
Level 10

Re: HI



Hi, You are welcome to LG Connect family, it seems this is your first post. Good first step to introduce yourself, in June 2018 @

You can post your views, photos but before that you go through LG Connect Rules, Five Core Value of Connect, guideline, help etc. And use search engine to check the topic discussed.

Happy mapping and writing.

Vijay Desai.

Xpert1 Level 1
Level 1

Ich stelle mich mal vor :)

dass-pubertierende-maedchen-interesse-an-aelteren-maennern-zeigen-ist-nicht-ungewoehnlich-.jpgmareike 2017mareike-frei-foto.256x256.jpgmareike 2018

VijayDesai Level 10
Level 10

Re: Ich stelle mich mal vor :)

Hi @Xpert1


Warm Welcome to Local Guide Connect family.


It seems this is your first post.


You can post your reviews, edits, photos, comments and stay focused on forum guidelines. 


Before actual posting, Pl. go through LG Connect Programme Rules, The Five Core Values of Connect, Help etc.(see TABs at the bottom of page).


Never share your or anybody's personal information in L G Connect.


Please note, this global community is for Individuals only and any kind of advertising or self promotion is banned here


Also introduce yourself to LG Connect @Aug.2018, for better understanding to interact with the community.


You may use search engine to check the topics already discussed earlier.


Happy exploring, mapping and writing.


Vijay Desai.