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KokoySeverino Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself- January 2019

Is there a reason why my post has disappeared? I posted it under AdventuresofKokoy. I changed my user name after my post disappeared.

Life is not a journey, but a pilgrimage... The Adventures of Kokoy - A Travel Guide
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Re: Muslim

Hola @adithagantar, bien venido a connect y Feliz año nuevo, voy a mover su post a Preséntate, asi nos cuentas un poco mas sobre ti.


Saludos Farid.

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Re: Introduce Yourself- January 2019

Hi @JaydipJD,

Welcome to Connect. We are glad to have you here.


Since you're new to the community, you might want to share a bit about yourself and get to know others in the current topic.


Just for your information, when you post on Connect, you should choose at least one topic. Think about which topic best describes what your post is about. If it falls under multiple topics, you can add them in under Additional topics at the bottom of the page. Organizing posts by popular topics will help people more easily discover the posts they care about. In What makes a good post article you'll find some great tips that will help you get started.


Remember to always uphold The 5 Core Values of Connect. It is also important to get familiar with the Local Guides Rules.


See you around!

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Re: Hello

Hello @KokoySeverino,

Welcome to Connect!


I have just released your post from the Spam Filters. I would like to apologize for your post being marked as spam. Our filters run 24/7 and they can be a little harsh at times.


You can visit this article to learn more - Why was my Connect post marked as spam?

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iamjune8 Level 6
Level 6

Re: Introduce Yourself- January 2019

Name: Juned

Location: Mumbai, IN

What I love about being a Local Guide: I love capturing new place in digital format and letting the world know the places. When i started posting and giving review to places and things. I continually started giving for everything and everywhere i visit. Belonging to such a beautiful cultural India. I can't stop myself from clicking wonderful pictures.My Local guide journey has just started for me.

My favorite thing to explore: One of the favorite thing to exploring is new adventure, new culture and new people which i am not aware. Visiting new place is adventurous but capturing that part in ur gallery and bringing that thing to world is another kind of happiness.

5. Fun fact about me: As i grew up i found two things in myself, photography and travelling.
As a child i used to be nervous while travelling and my mom never use to leave me alone. Now I am older I grew up with a hobby of traveling and i travel in my free time.


Ich_bin_ishwari Level 6
Level 6

Re: Introduce Yourself- January 2019

Name- Ishwari Pawar

Location- Pune, India

Why Google Maps and Local guide- I saw that how many people on what magnitude have started referring the reviews on google maps, or getting an overview of any place before visiting it.

If the reviews are unmatching to what the place actually is, then it's a bummer for them.

So to help people getting right information of the place they are willing to visit and my fondness for photography, I started this journey of being a local guide and it's amazing to know the fellow local guides through connect. 


Fun fact about me- I'm an avid dog lover. If there are dogs around me, (stray or tamed doesn't matter) I'll play with them and offer them food. It makes my day happier and less stressful. :)

IMG_20180307_141219_215.jpgMe and my doggo, Sunny



ivanjael Level 1
Level 1

Vegetarian-Friendly places in Singapore

hello dear friends,am new here please some guideline on how new friends as my contributors.

thank you


am from the pearl of Africa.

SelormOnray Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2019

Wow, thank you so much @EmekaHouse


Good to know you regularly visited Ghana and I hope to keep the connect forum updated with photos from the Gold Coast.


I am glad meeting you.




ManojKen Level 5
Level 5

Re: Vegetarian-Friendly places in Singapore

Hello frien 

There are many vegetarian food options in Singapore. Many local food courts have veg only outlets including the heritage food garden of Lau Passat in the business district. Plus many Indian vegetarian restaurants are dotted all around the island and particularly in Little India...some famous ones include Komala Vilas, Amanda Bhavan, Green dot case you have difficulty in finding them do not hesitate to contact me 😀

Manoj Kumar
br14n Level 8
Level 8

Absensi Komunitas Batu Local Guides

49058267_10212635699462675_7834708006527827968_n.jpgBersama dua buah hati tercinta, istri dan anak perempuan saya
Dalam waktu beberapa hari lagi, Batu Local Guides genap berusia 2 tahun. Sebuah perjalanan komunitas yang relatif masih baru, masih harus banyak berbenah di sanan-sini, sambil saling menguatkan hati untuk tetap bersatu padu menjaga keutuhan komunitas ini. Tak kenal maka tak sayang. Saya, Brian, memulai komunitas ini tepat di tanggal 8 Januari dua tahun yang lalu. Bersama tujuh sahabat, kami belajar bersama-sama berkontribusi ke dalam Google Maps. Sejak saat itu, hampir tiap Minggu kami mengadakan pertemuan, bersama-sama menjelajah keindahan Kota Batu.

Sebelumnya, sudah saya buat postingan Absen Yuk.. Local Guides Kota Wisata Batu ;) untuk mewadahi keberadaan setiap anggota Batu Local Guides yang ada di sini, baik yang baru masuk maupun yang sudah lama bergabung. Dengan adanya perubahan sistem, postingan tersebut menjadi read only alias hanya bisa dibaca saja. Untuk itu, saya kembali membuka postingan sejenis di sini, 

Saya mulai dari saya sendiri. Nama Saya Bambang Afrianto, seringkali dipanggil Brian.

Asli Kota Batu, tapi sekarang menetap di Kota Malang.

Saya bergabung di Batu Local Guides, tepatnya memulai meet-up Batu Local Guides pada tanggal 8 Januari 2017.
Kesan saya terhadap komunitas ini, LUAR BIASA!

Silahkan ditambahkan, upload foto terbaikmu.
Salam kontribusi!