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Re: Hello World

Welcome to Local Guides and Connect @Pasindu_GenTa thanks for sharing this great post about you.  Here is a great post to read 14 Tips for using Connect that will give you a head start on your next contributions.


I will merge your post to the monthly introductory thread.


I hope you enjoy Local Guides and Connect.




Regards Paul

ManojKen Level 5
Level 5

Re: Introduce Yourself- January 2019

Dear @Ich_bin_ishwari,

That's a super cool doggo and a superb pic.....nice connection!

Manoj Kumar
Proshanto-Paul Level 7
Level 7

Dublar Char










Eagle-Eye-360 Level 10
Level 10

Re: Dublar Char

@Proshanto-Paul what is happening? Is this Global Warming?

I'm from New Zealand and live in Prague, Czech Republic
Proshanto-Paul Level 7
Level 7

Re: Dublar Char

It is a sea island. 
There were many trees.
The floating trees were destroyed.

More information
Firzzy Level 2
Level 2

Lavender Farm in Tasmania













GhazalaShah Level 9
Level 9

Re: Lavender Farm in Tasmania

Hey @Firzzy your photos are amazing, lush fields of lavender must be surrounded by an immense fragrance (I guess).. I have never seen such a landscape in reality.. Are you on a vacation or you live nearby? Your look like a charming & awesome fairy in your pictures..! Have a blissful day there 🤩

sdl2 Level 6
Level 6

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2019

Hello everyone!

I'm Mohammed Syedul Hasan.

From Alikadam, Bandarban, Bangladesh.

   IMG_20190106_171741-01.jpegMe at Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

I'm interested with photography, trekking, exploring new places, mountains etc.

The thing I most like about google local guides is - its a voluntary job to help people. People, who like to explore new places, get help from the google map. And local guides are that community, who makes the map accurate & informative.

Its an honor to be amongst you!


Let's guide & be guided...!!!

YasumiKikuchi Level 10
Level 10

Re: Lavender Farm in Tasmania

It is a nice portrait @Firzzy
I would like you to introduce what you can do with Google Maps and Connect. How about transportation? What kind of equipment do you need? Is there a tripod permit?

Please actively share my articles on social networks
I am introducing the unique culture of [DEEP JAPAN]

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Lavender Farm in Tasmania

Hola @Firzzy, hermosas Fotos las que compartiste, la imagen y el color perfectos, pero como ya comentaron otros, podrías agregar algún comentario sobre ellas, aquí te comparto Sugerencias para usar Connect y otras más.