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Introduce Yourself - January 2018

NareshDarji Level 8
Level 8

Re: Hello! Every Body.. Nice too meet All

You are welcome @EmmaSpeed

EmmaSpeed wrote:

thankyou so much @NareshDarji


EmmaSpeed Level 1
Level 1

Re: Hello! Every Body.. Nice too meet All

hope to learn much from you because, i dont really know how to do most things here

Re: Introduce Yourself- January 8, 2018

Welcome to the local guides connect dear Loren @Brooke.

I suppose that the training is not moving since its empty. :) Looking nice.

Its our pleasure to have you here.

Brooke wrote:


  1. Alausi, EcuadorAlausi, Ecuador
PiSeesU Level 5
Level 5

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018


Cee (@PiSeesU or @ceereetee17)





Slidell, LA, USA


What do I love about being a Local Guide: 

Experiencing cool, new places & leaving detailed reviews for other peeps!


I love to share: 

Details about a place that no one else may have considered before.


How did I hear about Local Guides:

Through another Local Guide


Fun Fact About Me:

I am a pianist, a writer, & amateur astrologer/ tarot card reader 😝


Re: Hello! Every Body.. Nice too meet All

Nice to meet you @EmmaSpeed see you around :) 

Happy Guiding,
Jagadeesh Reddy.

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Hello @PiSeesU greetings my friend. Nice to meet you :).


Happy Guiding ! Happy Mapping.

Happy Guiding,
Jagadeesh Reddy.
MsKesh25 Level 6
Level 6

Re: Ugurlar

@Bahruz Happy New Year

NareshDarji Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Welcome to Local Guides connect community @PiSeesU

Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Hello Local Guides.

I am pleased to meet everyone and I am very happy to be a part of such an active and striving community.


Here is some info about me :

  1. Name: George
  2. Location: Sofia City / Bulgaria
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: I like the small businesses. In order for them to have a chance in the world they need recognition. I believe that reviewing and adding the small places on the map makes a difference for the owners. I like to think that I am helping someone by being a local guide.
  4. My favorite thing to explore: I love coffee, the first thing I do when I visit another city is to pick a coffee place where I can sit and observe the people that live in this city. I like urban areas more than I like the mountain - this means that exploring every single street is very important to me.
  5. Fun Fact about me: On a day off I can wake up at 7 am ( even if I went to bed in the early hours ), but on a working day I absolutely CANNOT.

A picture someone took in Montmartre in Paris:



Local Guides Community Moderator
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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Hii Local Guides....

My Self : Surendra 

from: Raigarh,India