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Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Yosifov Level 8
Level 8

Отговор: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Здравейте, името ми е Владимир Йосифов, женен съм,
От повече от 20 години работя в бранш имоти. От няколко години се занимавам само с реклама на недвижими имоти в София Център и район Лозенец.
Опитвам се, като местен гид в Гугъл, да покажа на българи живеещи извън София как изглеждат местата които харесвам и където рекламирам имоти. Надявам се, че съм полезен.
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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

This is my first time knowing about you @BruceDM. It's so good to know about you and thank you so much helping us always. I was waiting for this thread so that I can help new people who wants to introduce them to LG.

Happy Guiding,
Jagadeesh Reddy.
LucioV Level 9
Level 9

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Hi everybody and happy new year!


Just a quick refresh, as there are a lot of new LGs!



  1. Name: Lucio (aka LuVi)
  2. Location: Rome, Italy
  3. What do I love about being a Local Guide: Photograph, discover, suggest, travel, help, repeat! Meetups, help, meetups: |
  4. I love to share: the hidden places of my country, proud to be part of Italia Local Guides community
  5. How did I hear about Local Guides: I can't remember, i was already doing some mapping on Map Maker, and adding some photos in some places
  6. Fun Fact About Me: I can't sleep (well, actually i sleep around 3 hrs/night) and i'm able to drink around 12 espresso/day without visible consequences; maybe the two facts could be related; I'm one of the two parts of the #kudocouple along with @DanielaBP


Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Is that ermest in the middle of tabel who is holding a glasss@LucioV ? It's nice to know about you :)

Happy Guiding,
Jagadeesh Reddy.
LucioV Level 9
Level 9

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

@Jagadeesh_Reddy wrote:

Is that ermest in the middle of tabel who is holding a glasss@LucioV ? It's nice to know about you :)

Sure! :) @ermest was the host of that meetup, #winemeetup!  

MdEmranulHoque Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 @BruceDM & @LucioV welcome to local guides connect community month of January 2018.

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Name- Pasindu sandaruwan 

I stay happy this year. Good whether and bright sky.oh.. I cannot tell you.

I am student in sri lanka and study in grade 13 (Advance Level).I like photography and share photos and contributing google map . My A/L exam is next August . So I get ready for this exam and Finally I say " be happy " for January .🙂DSC_0152.JPGLeft side- me & Right side - Ict teacher in Galle


MdEmranulHoque Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

@PasinduSandaruwan Welcome to local guide connect family month of January 2018.

HelloSamsonR Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Name: I am Samson


Location: Nigeria


What do I love about being a Local Guide: I love the fact that my voluntary contributions of review's, photos, adding of places, checking the facts I make to the Google maps is helping millions of people in the world day by day! This brings me great excitement and happiness!!!!I 


I love to share: I love adding places that are not yet listed on the Google maps, so that when other people try to find that place, they can locate it easily. Whenever I visit a place, I like leaving a helpful review about the place so that other people can have a view about the place.


How did I hear about Local Guides: I downloaded the Google maps app and when I saw the start contributing icon, I clicked and started doing my part to make the world a easier place for people to locate with adequate and reliable information.


Fun Fact About Me: I love travelling, visiting tourist attractions, discovering hidden gems and driving true remote areas to discover nature at its best. I am a nature addict. I have a great sense of humor as well and when with me it's always fun all the way :)





OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018


Have a wonderful life with my family wish you the same...



AMMAN,JORDAN FLAGAMMAN,JORDAN FLAGAMMAN,JORDAN FLAGWelcome to EzwittiWelcome to EzwittiWelcome to Ezwitti


What I Love About Being A Local Guide :

 I Love The Fact That People Naturally love to Share the Advice (For Free)  About where to go for Restaurant, Shopping,  & tourist or Just spend quite  nice time with family. I love Maps & before Google Maps I buy a Map & (search about Yellow Pages in the hotel :) for every country i visit ,but now its much easier

to see all the world from your mobile navigate the city search about Places & see the real feedback from you about your experiences  and you see my feedback , About me this save a lot of Time & Money  that spend in searching the internet or reading about the city i will visit , With Google Local Guides We Can Help Millions of People and of course we can help each others as A Local Guides Community 

how to tie your shoes & how to use Google maps ( Share location , traffic , contributions) will be critical  Life skills for this century and this what i try to teach my Three daughters.



When My Father died  i was a teenager my family give me the Shopping Responsibility with a tight budget to buy all the grocery list, so i practice to search about best quality with best price & now after 20 years  i have my own family i still do the same, I LOVE SHOPPING  compare prices ,wait the 70% sale

the free parking not crowded places , & i love to share how i enjoy my time with my kids which resturant , children museum , Gardens , Playing Areas .....




How I Hear About Local Guides :

its a funny story : i visit Netherland for business i stay in a nice Hotel and go vegetarian for two days in the 3rd day i go with friend to a turkish restaurant and it was a very very tasty we try the majority of the menu , when i come back i upload the pics on google maps, @ that time i don't know about Local guides after couple of days i receive  an email from google : (Thanks for adding photos to Google Maps! Your New Photo is a great addition to google maps Millions of people rely on photos like yours when they search for places. Thanks for sharing your photos with the world. You're invited to join Local Guides! )

I accept the invite without any delay and start to make the world better place as much as i can.



Fun Fcats About Me : one of few men on earth who love & enjoy Playing With kids all the day ( there is a child inside me )




Ikea Ice creamIkea Ice cream 

Where to Meet:

 See You All Soon in

San francisco , Jordan & Your City 

wish you all the best because you make your best you bring something amazing and valuable to life of thousands of Local Guides and make it easy to help each other, Thank you....


Who's Next !!?  Don't be sh