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Introduce Yourself - January 2018

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Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Welcome to Local Guides Connect. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our community.


As “Introduce Yourself” threads can be lengthy, we start a new one each month and lock past threads. You can check past threads, like December’s, to see who recently joined and where they’re from (simply search for "Introduce Yourself"). If you're new, please use this thread to post your “I'm new” or “Hello world” posts. We’ll merge any posts we find elsewhere with this thread to keep things organized.


Here’s a bit about me


  1. Name: Bruce
  2. Location: New York City
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: Being a Local Guide is like paying it forward. For me, it’s almost second nature to read reviews or look up photos about a place i’m interested in.  Local Guides are the best contributors to Google Maps and I love sharing my adventures as much as I like reading about yours!
  4. My favorite thing to explore: The World!  We’re all in this together and I love learning about new people, customs and overall lifestyles from everybody I can. Seeing some insights into your lives on Connect is really cool!
  5. Fun Fact about me: I’m a big cat lover and occasional cat rescuer :)

Santa Catalina Monastery - Arequipa, PeruSanta Catalina Monastery - Arequipa, Peru

** I am unavailable for replies on the weekends
** Google Moderators do not read private messages. If you would like to contact me, please be sure to tag me in a post **
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arakhecha Level 3
Level 3


Name: Abhishek Rakhecha

Location: India, Rajasthan

What do I love about being a Local Guide: I love the fact that the voluntary contributions of review's, photos, adding of places, checking the facts I make to the Google map, is helping millions of people in the world day by day! This brings me great excitement and happiness!!!!

I love to share: I love adding places that are not yet listed on the Google map, so that when other people try to find that place, they can locate it easily. Whenever I visit a place, I like leaving a helpful review about the place so that other people can have a view about the place. I love posting 360 degree pics in street view.

How did I hear about Local Guides: I downloaded the Goggle maps app and when I saw the start contributing icon, I clicked and started doing my part to make the world a easier place for people to locate with adequate and reliable information.

Fun Fact About Me: I am crazy about tech and new features On internet. I love cars bikes and fashion things. I love travelling but mostly when i have a new pair of clothes and a camera with me. i a shy guy at first but once im comfortable with you i do insane **####**s.Me after showerMe after shower



Roaming in mumbaiRoaming in mumbai



just a random posejust a random pose






bike, my lovebike, my love



camel safaricamel safari



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deepakjhic Level 9
Level 9

Re: Introduction

Hello my dear @arakhecha we are happy to have you here from India .

well nice introduction.


My dear you are new here so plz check before posting for a correct board.


Be sure to explore the many sections of the site and check out the conversations happening among our Local Guides. 


Tips for getting started:

This section of the site has some good tips on how to use the community and interact with your fellow Local Guides. 

  • Search the community before posting as others may have asked your question (and received an answer) already. 
  • Use a descriptive title for your post to make it easier for people to know whether they should open it. 
  • Use the Location field to geotag your post to a specific place, but make sure its important to the content of the post.  
  • Don't share personal information on the forums, check out the private messaging option instead. 
  • This area has helpful more information about the Local Guides program in case you have more questions. 
  • By following Jaipur local guides you can find local guides near you.

Many thanks and have fun with other local guides. 

NareshDarji Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduction

Nice introduction @arakhecha

Welcome to Local guide connect community

NarenChandra Level 9
Level 9

Re: Introduction

welcome @arakhecha , have a great time ,learning and sharing knowledge and beautiful moments in connect.


NadiaD Level 7
Level 7

Hi! My name is Nadia. I m from Brazil but I have been in United States for a long time.

I live in Boca Raton,FL.Is anyone around me?please let me know. 👍❤👍





LucioV Level 9
Level 9

Re: Hi! My name is Nadia. I m from Brazil but I have been in United States for a long time.

Hi @NadiaD Welcome to Connect! If you're new to Local Guides, you can learn more about making contributions to Google Maps to earn your badge within Google Maps by visiting the "Getting Started" section for helpful information. If you're interested in earnings badges here on Local Guides Connect, just keep posting interesting content and interacting with others as badges within Connect are tied to your activity in Connect (as well as within other areas of the Local Guides program).

Please read this post for tips on posting and interacting with the community. :)

Yosifov Level 8
Level 8

Отговор: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

Здравейте, името ми е Владимир Йосифов, женен съм,
От повече от 20 години работя в бранш имоти. От няколко години се занимавам само с реклама на недвижими имоти в София Център и район Лозенец.
Опитвам се, като местен гид в Гугъл, да покажа на българи живеещи извън София как изглеждат местата които харесвам и където рекламирам имоти. Надявам се, че съм полезен.
local guides Level8

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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2018

This is my first time knowing about you @BruceDM. It's so good to know about you and thank you so much helping us always. I was waiting for this thread so that I can help new people who wants to introduce them to LG.

Happy Guiding,
Jagadeesh Reddy.