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Introduce Yourself - January 2017


Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

Hi I'm Jo

New here

Not sure how to use?

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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017



1). Nicholas


2). Alexandria, La


3). That I can help people have the best experience possible no matter what town there in


4). Photos 


5). Playing around on Google maps is how ingot started



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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

Hello @ansara


Nice to see you :). Would you like to join our community


We are all Local guides from Chittagong, hope to see you on-board.




Hossain Jaber
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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

@ansarahi nice to meet you Bangladesh local guides community there also oldest chittagong local guides community link

Bangladesh Local Guides  

Chittagong Local Guides

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Saludos desde Pereira - Colombia

Nombre: Antonio M
Localización: Sevilla
¿Qué es lo que me gusta de ser un guía local: Creo que lo importante es el conocimiento de personas que han compartido, comparten o van a compartir tus mismos deseos y eso es lo importante, estar ahí. Esta herramienta es ideal para ello.
Me encanta compartir: Sobre todo opiniones de locales que visito, para que los que vengan después puedan optar con mayores capacidades.
¿Cómo me entero de guías locales: Estoy siempre pendiente de la web, desde mi ordenador y mi teléfono.
Dato curioso Acerca de mí: Vivo en el campo, cerca de Sevilla. Soy periodista y me gusta viajar, tanto profesionalmente como personalmente. Cada viaje es una oportunidad de conocer y revivir y por eso tengo siempre la maleta preparada. Me encanta también recibir a visitantes en esta gran ciudad, que es Sevilla.


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Marc, 20, Selbständig,Berlin wer bist du?

Kommst du aus Berlin?

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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

Name: Bhavin

Location: Mumbai,India

What do I love about being a Local Guide: You can get opinions and views about a particular place within seconds.
You don't have to roam around asking for suggestions, Also it helps us to know What is the best dish that a restaurant serves, what is the best tourist attraction around this area, what drinks are available at a particular bar. Things get sorted pretty easily when you have such a great platform.

I love to share: I would love to share my honest opinions about a place that I visit, the best things that you can do while you are at a particular place.Clicking wonderful pictures of course ;)

How did I hear about Local Guides: E-mail alert.

Fun Fact About Me: I love to travel and explore places.Maybe we can all meet up,travel and discuss the fun facts and ideas !

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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

Dan from Massachusetts USA and I like everything about Google. 

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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

Hi Busi here from South Africa, I'm a level 2 contributor, what I love about local guides is the images the the story telling how you see a place from an ordinary person's eyes. Hopefully I can also contribute cool pictures and reviews to that effect.

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Re: Introduce Yourself - January 2017

[ Edited ]

Hi good people around the world...!!! greetings from here :D

Ok let's start!


Name: Andry Hermawan, you can call me Andry or Bojes


Location: Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, INDONESIA


What do I love about being a Local Guide:

Being a Local Guide,  i wanna spread my opinions and recommendations as a native in my hometown, and also in another small city which is my workplace so that i'll make Indonesians or outside people know about interesting foods and places around here. And last, i will post every my journey when i did vacation, so i'll never forget the timeline of myself.


I love to share: I love to share photos, about place and mostly about myself because i'm a narcist person lol


How did I hear about Local Guides:

I'm good stalker and accidentally saw this information in Grandfather Google ABSOLUTELY...!!!P_20150913_121321_BF_1.jpg

I have my Couchsurfing account : [REDACTED]

And Whatsapp Number : [REDACTED]


Thank You, Terima Kasih, Matur Nuwun, Hatur Nuhun, Danke schön, Mercy, Arigatou..