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Introduce Yourself - December 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to Local Guides Connect. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our community.


As “Introduce Yourself” threads can be lengthy, we start a new one each month and lock past threads. You can check past threads, like November's, to see who recently joined and where they’re from (simply search for "Introduce Yourself"). If you're new, please use this thread to post your “I'm new” or “Hello world” posts. We’ll merge any posts we find elsewhere with this thread to keep things organized.


I’ll kick off the December introductions.

christina-nyc-iceland-1000.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guide Christina-NYC taking a photograph with a camera, overlooking a lake and hills in Iceland. (P. Hegarty)

  1. Name: Christina
  2. Location: New York, NY
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: I love helping guide others to explore new places through taking photos. Since joining Local Guides, I’m continually amazed by the passion and dedication of Local Guides, and the positive change they are making in the world around them.
  4. My favorite thing to explore: I have a lot of favorite things to explore and it’s hard to pick only one! When I travel to a new city, I like to photograph my experiences—whether it’s enjoying a tasty dish at a restaurant, documenting the local life in a street scene, or being outdoors capturing nature.

2015-11-06 21.08.31.jpgCaption: A photo of Icelandic horses in a field in Iceland. (Local Guide Christina-NYC)

5. Fun fact about me: I love all kinds of music and learned how to play the viola and piano when I was young, and am currently learning to play the guitar. I was raised in a musical family—my siblings and my father each played different instruments and would play together as a string quartet. I didn’t enjoy practicing when I was younger, but now that I’m older I’m very appreciative of my experience learning music, as well as the fun memories of making music with my family.


christina-nyc-guitar-1000.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guide Christina-NYC sitting on a sofa and playing a black and white acoustic guitar. (P. Hegarty)

Abu123_ Level 6
Level 6

الصور الرائعه

 احب التقاط اللحضات بي والنادره

Shaeshraid Level 6
Level 6


Hello every one and good morning I am pleased to join you for this nice aportunity and I wish I can give something good for life and people 

Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Welcoming - Status changed to: Closed

Hi @Shaeshraid,

Welcome to Local Guides Connect!


Connect is a place to get to know other Local Guides, share your stories, provide feature requests, organize meet-ups, share your feedback, write reviews about places and many more.

I suggest you go through the following available resources below to get familiar with our program Google Local Guides:

Thank you for your participation in Local Guides Connect and have fun!


P.S.: I am moving your post to this topic so you can introduce yourself.

Due to the volume of private messages Googlers receive, I do not read or respond to private messages. Please post publicly so others may benefit from your discussion. If you require urgent assistance, please tag a Google Moderator. Thank you!
Mohamed30 Level 7
Level 7

رد: How do I write a post on Connect?

IMG_٢٠١٨٠٨٠٢_١٨٠٠٣١_٤.jpgGood morning


Bahari16 Level 6
Level 6

Warm greetings from Indonesia



 Hello everyone hello world...

My name is Dwiki Bahari Iskandar

You can call me winky wonk

Im from Indonesia

I live in Java island

My hobby is traveller around the world

If you want to know about me

You can check my Instagram @dwiikibahari


Nice to see you....❤️

God bless you all...🙂🤗



Sibamou Level 7
Level 7

Introduce Yourself - December 2018

Today is the day i decided to introduce myself to the whole Local Guides Community.

Please can you help me by telling me how to proceed ?

thank you for your kind anwser

Eric Sibamou
LucioV Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

Hi @Sibamou just be yourself and talk about what do you like more being a Local Guide! :)

A recent photo could help! :)

Welcome to Connect!

As this seems to be one of your first post in here, may I take this opportunity to give you some information about Local Guides Community Forum Connect:


As an extra tip, i would suggest you to search in Local Guides Connect before posting as the same subject can be already being discussed.


If you want to read my presentation, click in my signature!

Sibamou Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

Thank you for your answer, il will take the time to check all the links

Eric Sibamou
MdAtikuzzamanLimon Level 8
Level 8

Introduce Myself: Md Atikuzzaman Limon from Dhaka, Bangladesh

IntroduceMyself-MdAtikuzzamanLimon.jpgPhoto taken by myself Baku, Azerbaijan in May 2018

 Name: Md Atikuzzaman Limon

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

What do I love about being a Local Guide? 
I connected with Google Map a long time ago.  I regularly try to contribute by Rating, Details Reviews, Photos and Videos to the Google Map. I started to contribute to Local Guide Connect from this year. When I started contributing to Local Guide Connect, then I found this is a global platform where I can represent my country to the world regarding my country culture, tourist place, historical place etc. After that, I always try to find things that can represent my beautiful country. Moreover, I also want to post my travel and meet up write-up here. I love photography a lot! I found another platform where I can get technical support for photography. It is a very good platform for learning technical new updates of Google Map, 360 Photography and other terms. 

Participated 94th, 95th, 96th and 97th meet up the organized by Bangladesh Local Guides. Bangladesh Local Guides is going to organize the 100th meet up soon. 

My favorite thing to explore: I like food, travel and Dhaka City where I live. If I got time, I always try to explore my city and country as much as I can.  People come Dhaka city here from different districts of Bangladesh. 


Local_Guide_Photography.jpgPhotography at Turkey Airport with Turkish Food

 Fun fact about me: I love to do photography, creative design, connecting with the local and International communities. I love to travel home and abroad in my leisure time. I already visited Russia, Turkey, China, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. I am lucky to get chances to taste different countries food and learnt about their culture. I also want to share those experiences with all the local guides all over the world. My wish is to visit each and every country in this world!


bangladesh-flag-waving-gif-animation-5.gifBD#LocalGuides | #LetsGuide | #Bangladesh |#BangladeshLocalGuides | #SoundOfBeautifulBangladesh