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IbanV Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

  1. Name: Iban
  2. Location: Mortsel (near Antwerp), Belgium
  3. When and why I became a Local Guide: I became a local guide a few years ago, but only thought of introducing myself at this very moment :-o I focus on my home town and some neighbouring towns because I like to keep things up-to-date. I make a tour at least once a year to check if I missed something that has changed. I see the local guide program as it is: being a guide to people not familiar with "my turf".
  4. Fun Fact about me: don't know if this fact is "fun", but I used to be a real estate photographer, which was actually the start of becoming a local guide; I was mainly active in my home town and neighbouring towns and already taking pictures of various locations. I quit that job to help my wife in our own (growing) business: a collectable shop. But I still take lots of pictures, which are my main focus/contribution in being a local guide.
  5. Other passions/hobbies: apart from photography, I'm a collector of (but not limited to) Lego and Funko Rock Candy figures.  When I'm not "playing" with my Lego, I make paintings (picture).

Iban-RoomWithAView-1200.jpg"Room with a view", acrylic on hardboard, 60x80cm, curvism.





c2navin Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

Hello Everyone,


I am Xcited to join this global community of people who share and care. This is a great collaboration platform for all of us across the world to share the best of what we do outside our regular routines.

I am sure you must be wondering who am I?

Navin Nathani (Call me Nav) from Mumbai, India home to about 22 million people and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Being born and bought up in Mumbai where various diversities and cultures exist, food has been the integral thread to the fabric of Mumbai. By now, you would know I am a foodie and I love varied experiences. What do I love about being a Local Guide is that:

1. I can contribute voluntarily to the community

2. It is free and a very good knowledge sharing platform

3. I want to guide people to the right place through reviews I post (recently got 30k views on a review I had posted)

4. I love Google...want to be a Googler....


How did I hear about Local Guides: This started couple of years back when I wanted to know the reviews of a hotel I wanted to stay over at and there were no reviews available in any of websites. I thought this a great opportunity and journey started from there. Today at Level 7....Navin - Khardungla.jpgNavin @ Khardugla

Fun Fact About Me: Completed a motorcycle ride to one of the highest motorable pass in the world - Khardung La Pass (18,000 ft ASL) on my CBR. I am a Rider....


Navin Nathani
HiralRai Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

Hi..can you guide me ?

How and where exactly should I post my introduction ?

c2navin Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

Just paste your Intro here, click Reply and add your Intro....


Navin Nathani
ProfArunCM Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

@ProfArunCM wrote:


My name is Arun C Mehta (@ProfArunCM)

I am Professor (Educational MIS) in an University, located in the National Capital of India, New Delhi. I love playing with numbers. 

I joined LG Connect in March 2017 and now fully addicted to Google Maps. I love Google Maps and LG Connect and try my level best to contribute the Most. 

Though I have uploaded more than 70,000 pictures on Google Maps but I love review more than any other activity on Google Maps. Love to visit new locations, had been abroad 26 times. I too love 360 degree pictures/spheres and have uploaded more than 900 on Google Street View.

I feel happy when my picture views touch new heights or when people found my reviews helpful, its give me satisfaction. 

I like food from the Southern India (Dosa etc), the most. I have got a Sweet Tooth and invite everybody to my Home Town, Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India) for the same. I do not like specify food at all. 

At 63 and half, I feel young and ready to contribute more and more. 

Thank you.



IMG_1520.jpgProf. Arun C MehtaIMG_1526.jpgProf. Arun C Mehta

Friends only eight days are left, do not wait for the last day, better to Apply now. Wishing you all Local Guides for Connect Live 2018. hope you will make it!

Best regards,

AlexanderSpade Level 5
Level 5

Re: Introduce Myself — April 2018

Hello Shirley, nice to meet you and thank you for removing my post into the right direction. 


Here is the photo of my pins collection 



I've not been to UK yet but just transferred to back HK in there last time :) 

Wish to visit there in the future :) 

Alexander Spade
HiralRai Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

  1. Name: Hiral
  2. Location: Hyderabad, India
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: I am an avid reader so writing also comes naturally to me. I travel mostly with family so I like to be safe and informed about the place I’m visiting and this is where Google maps has always been helpful. Being a local guide enables me to share information and pics for fellow travelers who like to travel safe and informed.
  4. My favourite cuisine to explore: I’m a vegetarian so naturally I look for pure vegetarian options which are value for money and family friendly.
  5. I love to share: How a place or experience made me feel. the vibe of a place matters a lot to me so that’s the first thing I usually share in my review. I also love to share photos and I tend to check what kind of pics have already been shared and try to take photos from a different angle or of a different aspect 
  6. Facts about me: I’m a level 7 local guide with more than 4 lakh views of my photos. I’ve visited and lived in several cities in India but have never been out of India. 



Level 9

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

Nice to see you in LG team,  I am also love to take photos in different places, moments, culture same as you!

Invitation for for you to visit my country, Chittagong , Bangladesh


JanakaN Level 7
Level 7

Introduce Yourself — April 2018


  • Name : Janaka 
  • Location : My Home is Mirigama , Sri Lanka
  • What I love about being a Local Guide:I love to travel and explore the new places.This is help me to stress out my bust life style and I love to share all the things what I am finding on google local guide.I think it will help to other people to know new places. 
  • Fun Fact about me: Tech , travelling , Films 
  • I love to share: What i found when travel with truly confirmation information. My Google local guide contribution

Thank you every One

bdmafuz Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018


















  1. Name: Md. Mafujul Islam.
  2. Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: I am proud to be Google Local Guide Bangladesh, level 8 up, in Google Map. Helping others and guiding people is my hobby and it is very interesting. I think all local guides are the ambassadors of their respective countries. They represent their culture, they show how the country is by their activities. There have many reasons I am a local guide, actually I would like to help people by this sector, I think no other sector can help people as much as this one. I want to improve my country, my city, my community and make better map for everyone and also for our future generations. If anyone want to plan to visit new place, I suggest them before visit any new place just visit that place via Google map and read all reviews so that they don’t face any problem over there and that place seems to very known to them when they go.
  4. Love to share/add: I always try to represent my country globally, helping others and guiding people by Google map. I love to add new places in Google map, I also like to share new photos where I visit with a Review and i always try to give answer the questions. There are lots of places around me and my country with wrong information, so i always try to visit place for add right information. I encourage other how to contribute to Google maps and become a local guide.
  5. My activities with other local Guides: I always try to represent my country globally, helping others and guiding people by Google map. Help others is my hobby and it is very interesting. I am a member of Bangladesh Local Guides, Dhaka Local Guides, Barisal Local Guides, Chandpur Local Guides, Chittagong Local Guides, Comilla Local Guides, Cox's Bazar Local Guides, Mymensingh Local Guides, Kuakata Local Guides, and Sylhet Local Guides. Being in this community, I met with a lot of new people in the community. I learned more about how to help people in a more effective way and how can we make better map, from meet up. We try to make a meet up special in every special day. We always discuss how to review places, how to connect with, share our experience each other and try to solve problems. We do some photo walk. We also teach new members how to contribute to Google maps and become a local guide and also teach them what he/she can do and what can’t do. There are lots of places in our country with wrong information, so we always try to add right information. We work as anti-spam. We are bound to promise that we try our best to make better map for everyone and also our future generations. Not only that, as voluntary work we help each other, if any members need blood we try to help him/her to find the blood or donate.
  6. Fun Fact about me: I love to eat, travel and shopping. I am always against the spamming.  

As a Muslim, I strongly believe that "Serving the Humanity, Serving the Almighty".

 DSC_21120022.jpgIndependence Day Meet up on March 26, 2018 at National Parliament of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

















Few links from my previous discussion on Connect.

New members how to start mapping ! Add place category listIndependence meet up 26 March 2018 ! Mosque of Bangladesh National Flag for Signature ! Value of Shab-e-Barat !



Md. Mafujul Islam

Bangladesh Local Guide.