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Naiem Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

IMG_20180122_123810_348.jpgAl Naiem

Name: Al Naiem

Location: Chandpur, Chittagong, Bangladesh


What do I love about being a Local Guide: I love to help other peoples by Google Maps, who use the map everyday and i believe it people get helps through my contribution and other every local guides. I'm very surprised when i feel how many peoples get helps by local guides and many people are going to different places of the country as per the guidelines of Google Maps.


How did I hear about Local Guides: When i try to add a place of my area. I was succeed and i upload some photos on the place. After few days i got a mail from local guides. Then search in google about local guide programs and came in this program.


What i love to do: I love to research about tech and programmimg and also like to innovate new different things by my skills. See more about of me here.


Fun Fact About Me: I can not imagine a single day of my life without internet.

IMG_20180211_210911_974.jpgAl_Naiem, naiemofficial



IMG_20180122_123408_680.jpgAl_Naiem, naiemofficial

Ravisawane Level 9
Level 9

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

Hi @Naiem,

 Welcome to LG Community official site.Thanks for sharing the post. Your doing good.

Do Contributing.



Ravindranath Sawane

Elnobey12 Level 4
Level 4

Elnobey not simillar

HellH all, 

Rojent Level 8
Level 8

intoduce yourself 2018

As a trends of intoducing each others I will again like to introduce self as a @TraciC graph . well 


I'll start..

1.. Name;  ROjent 

2.Location; Godawari City( Taukhel, to be exact )

3.What I love about  being  a Local Guide; Sharing out the destination i had explored. Capturing them in my cells ad boom upload to maps to see others what the places be like  and making review about the places based on every aspects of comfort . I also gets lots of Questions answers from you guys in maps and in here local guides connect .

 4.My favorite things to explore; When i look back i am very impressed with the nature is the place named Kalinchok . The nearer view to mountains, the seen outs from there the meet up to clouds and little high from clouds . Its a heaven and yet still remain to explore the better Heaven and to  show explored heaven it to u through maps and local guide connect



Generally I was unknown about the fun we get from maps until i began to contribute since 2017 . And i loved it now i like opening maps each and every hours and exploring guides connect . Thank You @google for  this 


PaDeSSo Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - April 2018

Nice to meet you again Mr @Haseeb thank you for your kind word, lets keep our best contributing



Warm Regards

Sir_Khalaf Level 3
Level 3


Hello everyone, who in all over Malaysian. Welcome to Gerai Supirak at Kampung Salut Kelapa Bakar,Sulaman Road.

Make sure you order the famous of Lokan Bakar and pure Coconut Pudding.

Bm741502 Level 1
Level 1

Hi guys do you want to travel and advice.... So Meet me..

 I am Biswajit mondal. I am a student...i belong to bagula... And my hobby is tour and travei, listening music, watching TV.... And i love dance... But i dont do dance... That's all.. Thank you ..


Waheedahmad200 Level 2
Level 2

Arainwahin mailsi

waheedahmad200 arainwahan mailsi 1519853939897.jpgWaheedahmad200


Elnobey12 Level 4
Level 4

Re: Introduce Yourself — April 2018

I am Elnobey from Egypt ,  I like the travel, 

OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - April 2018

Brooo @Haseeb , you are one of few Local guides who joined and hosted many Meetups in many countries 😁🎉😁🎉

Hope to meet you soon 😁🎉😁

Keep it up :-)