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Innsbruck am Inn

Innsbruck am Inn-1-2.jpgWhat a colorful cityWhat a colorful city

Mariahilfstraße, Innsbruck, Oostenrijk
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Re: Innsbruck am Inn

Yes, @Dolfl, Insbruck is a nice Austrian 🇦🇹 town. I like to go there from time to time.


maybe you could add some more information?
Dolfl Level 5
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Re: Innsbruck am Inn

If you look for a nice hotel in Insbruck, go to hotel Zach. Very good and a super breakfast!

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Re: Innsbruck am Inn

Hi @Dolfl and welcome to Connect. 


Thank you for sharing this nice photo of Innsbruck. A few years ago I went with some friends of mine snowboarding in the Austrian Alps and our base was in Innsbruck. It's a beautiful city full of life. I really enjoyed my stay there.:) 


It is going to be amazing if you tell us a bit more about your trip there. That way you are going to make your post more interesting for other Local Guides.


If you want to make your publication more engaging I suggest you take a look at the following articles where you can find a lot of tips: 

One more thing, as  you are new to the community, feel free to share a bit about yourself and get to know others Local Guides into our monthly Introduce Yourself topics.


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