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In which level you ranked up to ?

Re: Local Guides level 10 badge

binaratmaja Level 7
Level 7

Re: In which level you ranked up to ?

please tell me my friend.? how it could be.?

Re: In which level you ranked up to ?

From level 4 to level 6


Re: In which level you ranked up to ?


BishowvijayaP wrote:

I am also in the same position. Lets work and reach at 10 together. hahaha

Congratulations for level 7 @EduardoZulaica. :)

EduardoZulaica wrote:

I reached to level 7 and working hard to get level 10 :D 


you very much and Congrats mate ! 

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Connect Moderator

Re: Race to Level 10

LastManStanding wrote:

@NeilAlvinN 80% LGs are below 8 I guess.

I think it's about 95% - you can see the numbers yourself if you go to your badges page under your profile


Level 10 - 23 people

Level 9 - 63 people

Level 8 - 359 people (one of them is me!)

Level 7 - 1299

Level 6 - 3136

Level 5 - 11356

Level 4 - 26220

Level 3 - 63900

Level 2 - 156362

Level 1 - 229737


I think that the counts in each level include the levels below, for example I would be counted in Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8. There are 229738 Local Guides.

Marg_Darshak Level 8
Level 8

Re: Race to Level 10

Re: How many points do you have in Local Guides?

wow you reach to Level 10

Re: Level 10

Congratulations to you both @StephenAbraham and @AmithES.

Tell us how hard was the journey up to level 10.


Re: Level 10

I hope you got to see your badge till now dear @neavilag.

Congratulations for new badge and level. :)

neavilag wrote:

Where I can see the badge count ; I went to LVL 8 :-)