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I love you Local Guides family!


I love you Local Guides family!

This is called 'Local Guides Love'.

Yes, she is  @shirnio  who lives in Singapore now (her home country is Malaysia). Last month, one of our moderators Md. Muhibur Rahman went to Singapore for a short trip, he met Shirni there. After Muhib came back to Bangladesh, he called me. That day I was busy and I could not meet Muhib. @PavelS went to meet Muhib. And after reaching home, I was astonished to see a bag full of gifts!!!


Yap, Shirni send me awesome gifts, souvenir, Durian cake and specially her hand-made Fan! Thank u so much with lots of love dear!


I love the taste of durian cake. In this summer season back in my home here, when I have seen your hand made fan, that’s made me feel awesome.


And I wish from the bottom of my heart that, someday, somewhere we will meet and have much fun together, for sure. We will go to a long-drive and capture photos and finally will upload them at Local Guides Connect. I can’t control my emotion for the time to come when you and I will do it.


To me, Local Guides is like family. There are almost 100 Local Guides from 37 countries that I know personally, and they inspire me all the time for my work. It does not much matter where you live, and what you do; if you are a local guide, you are connected to bigger family. Google Local Guides is a big platform for many like  me it is indeed a big family as well.


Thank you Md. Muhibur Rahman for chocolates what you have brought all the way from Singapore. I love chocolates!


Thank u Local Guides! For you today, I have many awesome friends from around the world and I can know their cultures and history and feelings and so on.


17836795_1876626692596484_2052093344_o.jpg17887461_1876626632596490_540898542_o.jpg17902799_1876626639263156_520006000_o.jpg17902831_1876626595929827_1740482437_o.jpg17916332_1876626582596495_1563043011_o - Copy.jpg17948354_1876626522596501_1798105284_o.jpg17948466_1876626675929819_866027992_o.jpg

I am feeling honored and proud to be a part of it. I am truly fascinated by all that Google Local Guides offers. More than anything, I like and love the friendship it brings along.

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Re: I love you Local Guides family!

Hi @SumaiyaZafrinC, yes, we are a big family, and reading this story I feel proud to be part of this, with people like you and many many other.

It seems today we have a lot of new friends coming, all the boards are full of posts.

The big family is growing UP :)

Re: I love you Local Guides family!

Thank you so much dear @ermest, I am so much happy that I got a local guides like you that you always support me .

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Re: I love you Local Guides family!

@SumaiyaZafrinC, so happy for you! You will always be a part of the #LGSummit16 family. You got your very own #MadebyShirni fan from the lovely @shirnio. She doesn't give that many out because she hand makes #LocalGuides fan! = )





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Re: I love you Local Guides family!

Thats Great!!

Re: I love you Local Guides family!

Thank u dear @KarenVC ..U all people are very good..Love u !

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Re: I love you Local Guides family!

@SumaiyaZafrinCI want stickers.

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Re: I love you Local Guides family!

Congratulations... I am happy for you...🙂

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Re: I love you Local Guides family!

@SumaiyaZafrinC wow!!

This is called the Fellowship ..

Or local guides program is full-filled with Fellowship ..

Happy Guiding or 

Re: I love you Local Guides family!

Hi @SumaiyaZafrinC , we are feeling proud to hear your story with @shirnio . We are lucky that we got you for your work with Local Guides Community.

Thank you very much @SumaiyaZafrinC & thank you @shirnio.