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How to write a museum review

instagrammed_2016-01_084.jpgCaption: A photo of the Louvre Pyramid and the exterior of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France taken at sunset from a window outside Apollo’s Gallery. (Local Guide Jui Hong Teoh)

I’m lucky enough to live in New York City where there are tons of museums to explore and new exhibits to see. Still, one of my favorite things to do whenever I visit a new city is to get lost in a great museum.


To find the ones worth going to, I read the reviews that Local Guides like you share on Google Maps. Here are some tips for making your museum reviews stand out.


Include information about hours, parking, and pricing

Tell others whether you thought the admission price was worth the cost and explain why. Are there certain days a week when the museum is free, discounted, or open late? Is the museum closed on unusual days? Share your experience visiting on a particular day and be sure to share what the crowds were like.


Describe what kind of crowd you think would enjoy the museum

Some museums are great for solo travelers who don’t mind large crowds. Others are perfect for families with kids who would enjoy more casual, interactive exhibits. In your review, tell others who you would recommend the museum to.


LG_Alexandra-Vender-FB367FE3-A1FD-4C7C-862C-EB194F0A0819-1200.jpgCaption: A photo of the interior of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City filled with people. (Local Guide Alexandra Vender)Share accessibility info

Is there an accessible entrance? How about large elevators to take you from floor to floor? Are there assistive listening devices or sign language interpreters? Benches in the galleries? These important details can help people of all abilities enjoy the museum.


Tell us what makes the museum special

Stunning architecture, can’t-miss collections, or amazing guided tours are just a few things that can make a museum stand out. Sometimes it can be just one extraordinary piece (or the perfect background for a selfie) that makes the entire trip worthwhile.


2018-07-12.jpgCaption: A photo of two people looking at items on a shelf at the Museum of Modern Art Design Store in New York City. (Local Guide Adrian Y)

Don’t forget to tell us about gift shops and restaurants

Is there a gift shop to find great souvenirs? Did you buy anything you love? Is there a place to eat at the museum or is there a better or cheaper place to dine across the street?


Add helpful hashtags

Now that you can search for hashtags on Google Maps, add a few that may be helpful for other museum goers such as #guidedtours, #freefriday, #a11y, or #studentdiscount.


What’s the best museum you’ve ever been to? Tell us in the comments below—and be sure to link to your review on Google Maps!


deepakjhic Level 9
Level 9

Re: How to write a museum review

Hey @AriMar,

Thank you very much for another amazing post. I don't remember in which museum I had visited by the way. 

Sabahatali Level 2
Level 2

Re: How to write a museum review

Hy arimar i tak u whatapp number 


saurabhshcs Level 9
Level 9

Re: How to write a museum review

This is a great knowledge base which answers unasked questions

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: How to write a museum review

Que buenos consejos los que nos pásate @AriMar, si en unos de los lugares predilectos por para visitar cuando estoy en una nueva ciudad.

En mi caso los museos que más me gustaron son el de San Francisco y el de Buenos Aires.


3575A30E-E2D3-4103-A74B-6B5F3D245DE7.jpegMuseo de Buenos Aires


A4331599-9213-4EF0-A140-26BE389FFBEA.jpegMuseo de San Francisco




Ma26ga68 Level 1
Level 1

Re: How to write a museums review




jojo522 Level 10
Level 10

Re: How to write a museum review

@AriMarThanks for very comprehensive and useful tips  which are very helpful since it clearly mentioned the requirements which many may not be known.

jojo522 Level 10
Level 10

Re: How to write a museum review

@AriMar Thanks for very comprehensive and useful tips  which are very helpful since it clearly mentioned the requirements which many may not be known.

YasumiKikuchi Level 10
Level 10

Re: How to write a museum review

What I would like to recommend most is the National Taiwan Museum of Art where the Taiwanese government is open for free. Citizens enter the museum as if walking a daily routine. Most artworks are allowed to shoot. And even surprisingly it is even possible to publish photos. Overall, Taiwan is very tolerant of being told through the Internet.

Taichung is a city of art like Portland. It is clear that government policy has influence.



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Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: How to write a museum review

Thank you @YasumiKikuchi for sharing this museum! It really looks like a very inspiring place. I'm definitely adding the National Taiwan Museum of Art to list of things that I should visit when I come to Taiwan. :)


By the way which are your top favorite museums that you have visited?

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