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How to make a rajshahi silk saree

PavelSarwar Level 8
Level 8

How to make a rajshahi silk saree

Rajshahi silk is the name given to the silk products produced in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. It is a famous name in the domain of clothing, especially in saris.


Rajshahi silk is a delicate and soft fibre produced from the cocoons of silkworms and is covered with a protein called sericin.



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Re: How to make a rajshahi silk saree

I hear that Rajshahi silk is sought after by everyone from everywhere in the world, is that true? Thanks for sharing @PavelSarwar! :)

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Re: How to make a rajshahi silk saree

When I was in Bengaluru (Bangalore) last year we saw the sari "kits" everywhere. Beautiful, but you have to be able to sew them. Thanks for sharing this video!

nahidrajbd Level 7
Level 7

Re: How to make a rajshahi silk saree

Thanks for sharing this.


I am from Rajshahi and I had also experience watching and researching the methods as my academic project.


Most of the silk factories & producers are importing silk from china. Chineese silks are smoother and cost saving. But we are loosing our traditions and market.


Rajshahi silk is now in extinct condition. May be this year or the next year Dr. Monjur Hossain with other researchers are launching a big project to produce the original silk sharees.

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sarode12 Level 2
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Re: How to make a rajshahi silk saree

interested in your sarees

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