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DynamiteKorean Level 8
Level 8

How are you participating in Google Maps?


I'm TaeYoun, participating Google under the name of DynamiteKorean.


I have bunch of friends around the world by my work.

Dancing~ :)

I danced with many people around the world and love to share the culture also languages.

And by google I'm still connected to them and having good relationship.


I love photos & videos especially 360.

I'm joining Google maps by photos and videos but most of them are 360.

my 360 photo~

Also using Google Street View.

My Google Maps~

It is good to have a chance to share my experiences and empathize them with others.


Now I'm curious of you, others.

How are you using Google Maps and other platforms?

Same as me?

or you have your own way to use it?


Please let me know it.



Have a nice day~

Share Korean to the World~
Seoul, 대한민국