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Hello world i loved you

E-he Level 7
Level 7

Hello world i loved you

احب ان اساعد الناس فى ايجاد الاشياء

والتعرف عليها والوصول اليها بمنتهى السهوله

فقط احتاج لبعض المساعده على مايتيحه لى العالم لمساعدته

احبكم كلكم احب العالم      

مع بعض ايد واحده لجعل غدا افضل

MariaBi Level 5
Level 5

Re: Hello world i loved you

Hi @E-he


A warm welcome to Local Guides and our Connect community forum. As it looks like it is first time you are posting in the forum, why don't you explore the many sections of the site and check out the conversations happening among our Local Guides? For example, this section of the site has some good tips on how to use the community and interact with your fellow Local Guides. 


Tips for getting started:


Search the community before posting as others may have asked your question (and received an answer) already. 
- Use a descriptive title for your post to make it easier for people to know whether they should open it. 
- Share a story with your photo(s) - tell your fellow Local Guides something about the location's history, why you like it,  a few details on what is in the pictures, etc. 
- Use the Location field to geotag your post to a specific place, but make sure its important to the content of the post.  
- Don't share personal information on the forums, check out the private messaging option instead. 


This area has helpful information about the Local Guides program in case you have more questions. Don't forget to introduce yourself to the other Local Guides on our July 2017 introduction thread, too, if still you haven't done it yet, and feel free to ask if you need any help or tips. 


Many thanks and have fun with Local Guides!

* Due to the volume of private messages please note that I do not reply to them
Hasan-wagdy Level 8
Level 8

Re: Hello world i loved you