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Hello From Iran

  1.  برای بازدید ولذت از طبیعت گزینه اول منه ،وپیشنهادم برای شما، بای
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Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Hello From Iran

Hi @Alijafarifahim A Warm Welcome to Connect, the Official Community of Google Local Guides.

This board is for sharing photos of your discoveries. As your content doesn't fit in this board, I am moving it into the General board


As this is your first post in here, I take the opportunity to give you some information:

    • Need Help: The help area give you a lot of solutions if you need to "know how to ...."
    • Explore the Forum menu, to see what the various sections are about. You will find many interesting parts regarding, for example, meet-up, or photographic technique.
    • Give to the post a descriptive title

As an extra tips, i would suggest you to Search the community before posting as the same subject can be already being discussed.


Welcome again, I hope to see you soon :)