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Google Plus and my Map Making Journey

I started my social media journey with mig33 on 2007. It was quite interesting and very addictive on the same time. It was 2009 when I stepped into facebook. There are some more forums, blogs, mobile apps, but these two giants made my life community online.


I started my mapping journey on 2010. I started with google mapmaker and panoramio for photos. It was so buggy to map things and it was quite slow, but I was very addicted with photos on google earth. I used to learn and share my contribution with local communities. Recently, That panoramio service closed down their website and people rarely uses google earth now.


But those days with my contribution made me strong and made up my interest on volunteer contribution for community good. I started fresh on wikipedia. It was quite much addictive and I got so much involved that often I used to get called with the name Wikipedia Nahid. After map making this was one of the biggest community I got involved with. Now I am leading the local wikimedia community as a community director for regional operations.

After a few hundred days I got introduces with the name Local Guides from a fellow volunteer on wikipedia. He was describing the whole process of google maps and his contribution methods with just a mobile phone. I was a windows phone user that time, so I collected the basic concepts from him.


I searched the name local guides and boom! It was the map maker with new branding and huge changes on their platforms. I got intriduced with Local Guides from my computer browser. One of the interresting part of the new journey was I got intriduced with the new community forum too.


In google plus, I got introduced with Bangldesh Local Guides and their active members. They were so young and energetic. There were so much new things and they were discussing about their problems with local maping.

Bangladesh Local guide was one of the remarkable community on internet that made one of the beatiful local guides contributors forum. I got introduced with Mahbub, Sajol, Ayon Saha, Shamim, Nazmul & so many more.


Now google plus is also closing and going to wipe out their service. I am going to miss my community.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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KEagle Level 10
Level 10

Re: Google Plus and my Map Making Journey

Thanks for sharing your story @NahidHossain 

I'm from New Zealand and live in Prague, Czech Republic