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Google Drive Storage Promotion Ending

ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: Google drive

@ByKeR0 hi

Thanks for posting on Connect Forum!!!

Google Drive promotion program is recently Closed by Local guides Team ..

 Read this Announcement

I think you will found you answer there ...

Happy guiding 


AndreaF Level 4
Level 4

Re: Google Drive Storage Promotion Ending

I reached Leve 4 on Mar 16, but I received Google Maps congrats email only yesterday (Mar 18). Why???

I didn't received any GDrive code, nor can see any redeem button.

MiriamR Level 4
Level 4

Re: Google Drive Storage Promotion Ending

I'm in the same boat as AndreaF -- I reached Level 4 on March 16th and got the email yesterday, with no sign of extra storage anywhere.  Nothing in the email, nothing on my Local Guides page.

FlavioHC Level 4
Level 4

Armazenamento Drive

A promoção do armazenamento drive estava valida até ontem à noite. Eu alcancei nível quatro antes dessa data. Não consigo verificar exatamentr quando pois só loguei a esse fórum hoje (e aqui ele mostra a data dos badges). Também, não recebi o e-mail para liberar mais armazenamento no drive e não encontro o link na paga inicial do guides (talvez porque a promoção finalizou ontem). Porém a promoção dizia que eu teria um prazo de até 30 dias após alcançar o nível para resgatar o armazenamento. Por favor me ajudem! Talvez com algum e-mail para contato diretamente

CarterS Level 4
Level 4

Unable to Redeem Google Drive Storage Benefit

I achieved Level 4 before the deadline and my Local Guide Homepage is showing "Free Google Drive Storage" (see screenshot). There is no "Redeem" option. I've checked other threads and the moderator went to private messages for a solution, so I'm not sure how to redeem the Drive storage. Please advise on how to access the benefit. Thanks!


Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.41.03 AM.png

free Drive storage code

I am a level 5 local guide but I have not received the free Drive storage code


I can not activate the bonus from google 100gb

Hello! I live in Russia and try to make maps better:-) I reached level 4 until 11 pm on the 17th. I can not find the page empty and get a bonus! I tried in vain? 

CarterS Level 4
Level 4

Re: Unable to Redeem Google Drive Storage Benefit

Tagging moderators


@TraciC @CorrieD

WillliamC Level 4
Level 4

There is no button on my profile page to release the 100GB of storage

I acheived 201 points and Level 4 in Local Guide before noon on Mar 17 and there is no button on my Local Guide page to release the 100gb of storage. There is an icon on the Level 4 on the bottom right, but it is not active. Does this take some time to generate a button?

AntonL Level 4
Level 4

Re: how to unlock my google drive space benfit.

Same happened to me: reached 200 points /lvl 4 before March 17th, but can't see a redeem button on my Local guide's homepage.