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Desencaja, perfecto para la introduccion a la "Nueva Cocina" en Madrid

Muy buena relacion calidad precio. El Chef consigue su objetivo. Los entrantes y primeros platos del menu, espectaculares, quizas en los ultimos, los que podriamos considerar, fuertes, quizas algo flojos, no por demerito de los mismos que estaban bien ejecutados, pero si por merito de los primeros y del entrante principal que estaban, otra vez, espectaculares y fueron sorprendentes, y hace que bajes un poco el viaje, por decirlo de alguna forma, es como una vuelta a la realidad, quiza es lo pretendido por el Chef. Sin duda, repetiremos. Muy muy recomendable.
There is a good quality price relation. The Chef achieves his goal. The starters and first courses of the menu, spectacular, perhaps in the last ones, those that we could consider, strong, perhaps somewhat lazy, not by demerit of the same ones that were well executed, but if by merit of the first ones and of the main entrant that were , again, spectacular and surprising, and makes you go down the trip a bit, to put it in some way, it's like a return to reality, maybe it's what the Chef intended. Without a doubt, we will repeat. Very highly recommended20180214_233913.jpg


Desencaja, Paseo de la Habana, Madrid, España
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Re: Desencaja, perfecto para la introduccion a la "Nueva Cocina" en Madrid

Hello @Fofuken,


It looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing with us this picture. Can you add a bit more explanation about this dish? What is the name of the restaurant?


Did you know that you can share your review and photos of this place on Google Maps? It would be really useful for future customers who are looking for more information about this place before visiting it. The owners will appreciate it and you will convince other Local Guides to visit.


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