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JR_Curley Level 8
Level 8

Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

I was checking out my contributions screen on Maps today and saw that I'd moved to the next level (8! Yay!) without noticing. That made me wonder what it'd take to get to the mythical Level 10, attained by the few, the proud, the L10 Local Guides. :)


Since I rarely do map edits, I wanted to break down what I'd have to do in order to attain Level 10 and how long it'd take. If you're like me and don't do a lot of maps edits, here are some fun numbers! :D


If you're a Local Guide starting at 0 points, you need...

  • Reviews alone a 5 points a pop --- 20,000 reviews to reach Level 10
  • Reviews alone with more than 200 characters are 10 points --- 10,000 reviews with 200+ characters to reach Level 10
  • Rating alone at one point --- 100,000 ratings to get to Level 10
  • Photos alone at five points a photo --- 20,000 photos to get to Level 10
  • Videos alone at 7 points --- 14,285 (and a bunch of other numbers after a decimal point) videos to get to Level 10


I didn't include Edits (20,000 to get to Level 10) since I rarely do those, as well as Places Added (6,666 to get to Level 10) or Facts Checked (100,000 to get to Level 10) since finding a place that needs edits, or is new is rare where I live.


  • So, since I currently sit at 16,000 points (roughly), I need 84,000 more to get to Level 10.
  • Since I almost always do reviews with over 200 characters, that's 10 points each, which is 8400 reviews (200+ character count) to get to Level 10!
  • I average less an a single image per review, so if I round up and pretend I'll do a picture per review, that's 5,600 reviews (200+ character count) with an image to get to Level 10.


I started with City Experts back in 2014, and currently have 768 reviews.

  • That's roughly 260 reviews a year average.
  • That means at this speed, I'll attain around 3900 points a year (remember, I'm guessing each review will net me 15 points average).
  • Since I need 84,000 points...if I my math and forecasting is correct (it's probably not), I'll reach Level 10 in 2038. :D


How long will it take you to get to Level 10? 


* Massive props to all Level 10's. Your contributions are huge and awesome!

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Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

I haven't counted. but it's probably going to take me quite a while to get to level 10 :) It's all good though, quality over quantity right? :D

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Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

@JR_Curley, very interesting topic. For me, I just noticed this morning I received an additional 2000 points. I am now past 18,000. I believe it’s because all my reviews are more than 200 characters and I am guessing I am finally receiving the extra 5 points per review for al my previous reviews prior to the additional 5 points if you write more than 200 characters. 


My Local Guides points philosophy is I review, upload, edit, and/or add when it’s convenient for me and is part of my life. I don’t go out of my way or obsess about keeping up with my fellow Local Guides. I find “check the facts” or answering the auto questions the easiest.


I agree with @iyudhi, it’s all about quality vs quantity for me.  


For me to reach Level 9 (35,000) by #LGSummit18, my rough math calculation:


I need 17,000 points. Starting January 2018 for the next 10 months, I need to average 1700 points / month. Break it down to 30 days / month, I need to avg 57 points / day.  


This 57 points number is very doable. That’s like two great reviews with uploading a few photos and answer all the auto questions.


What I am driving at JR is to look at the next level and go from there. If you just look at Level 10 as the ultimate prize, it’s way too frustrating / intimidating. Enjoy the moments as you go, know that you are helping / contributing to your community, and sooner rather than later you will reach it. 






SP31 Level 9
Level 9

Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

@JR_Curley, I'm reading this post in astonishment haha. Nice breakdown - and agreed, props to the level tens out there! Pretty wicked seeing it explained in that manner. Being an LG definitely takes a ton of dedication. My math would probably wrong if I attempted to calculate but it'll probably take a few years for me to get to ten for sure at my rate with work and school lol.

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JR_Curley Level 8
Level 8

Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

To all - this post isn't based on any level of frustration around the points system or the Level. It's simply a fun post focusing on looking at how to calculate reaching these levels.


@KarenVChin I like your break down for a daily goal! If I look at my own schedule, realistically, I'll perhaps see an average of four new locations a month. Since I'm still a struggling photographer (I still find it very uncomfortable to take tons of pictures inside establishments/while eating), I'll probably average a single picture per post. That makes my monthly average points in the 60 points zone. That's 720 points a year. :D 


If I wanted to hit Level 9 by next Summit (+33,000 points), I'd have to go bonkers. Realistically the only way I could attain that would be a photo and video marathon (6,600 pictures or 4,714 videos or roughly 20 photos a day or 15 videos a day. 


Either way, a great way to break down any Local Guides goal for attaining another level.


@iyudhi I'm 100% with you on this. From day one of joining City Experts, quality and reviews were always most important to me. What better way to share details and experiences than through the power of story? 


@SP31 yup! :)

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Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

Oh no don't worry @JR_Curley I didn't get any impression that you were frustrated by the points/level system from your original post :)

JeanRV Level 10
Level 10

Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

Hello @JR_Curley,


Thanks for your interesting question and thanks for using the Connect forum. 

I have reached level 10 on September 17th, 2017:

  • It took me about three months to reach level 10. On June 13, 2016, when the new levels were created, I had about 80000 points. Pareto law does not work for reaching level 10.
  • It took me about one year to reach level 10 from my start in August 2016.

On August 2016, 23rd, I received my first record mail from Google Local Guides <noreply-local(dash)guides(at)google(dot)com>: "Vos photos ont du succès ! Vos photos ont aidé d'autres utilisateurs plus de 1 000 fois, ce qui est pour vous un nouveau record Google Maps 1 542 vues"

In this mail there was information about the number of view of my first photos:

Capture ecran premier record photo maps.JPG

Posting on Google Maps and interacting with other Local Guides has been very rewarding. I wish I had more time to spend on this business.

Have a great day!

JR_Curley Level 8
Level 8

Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

That's amazing @JeanRV !!!


Looking at our lovely points breakdown, what was your reviews/photos/edits habits that had you attain Level 10 so quickly? That's a significant amount of work! 

MiaMaria Level 9
Level 9

Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

Oh wow, that's an impressive article you wrote! 

You are right, it's a lot of work to reach Level 10 but if you take tiny tiny steps every day, eventually you'll make it:) 
Just keep going!

I started as a Local Guide in September and I'm currently Level 8 with 25,000 points ;) 

I really love being a Local Guide and hope to reach Level 9 in the new year!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!



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GenerolHavoc Level 6
Level 6

Re: Curious how long it'll take you to get to Level 10?

Hello All


Hmm , I know I started as a Local Guide just after I got back from America which was around 8th November.


I've just become a Level 6 so I guess 4-6 month maybe for a Level 10 though it depends on what you are doing and how much time you can spend on Local Guides.