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Chili'n Resto Bar

Chili'n Resto Bar a place that you can eat all you can.. 

The place have over looking views like you see the ferry boat while eating this place near to the port. 

You really enjoy the foods and worth for only 288 pesos so cheap for unlimited foods.

20181124_182329.jpgPork Sisig --- is a Filipino dish made from parts of pig head and liver, usually seasoned with lemon and chili peppers.20181124_182315.jpgOriginal Fried chicken20181124_182309.jpgSpicy Fried chicken20181124_182306.jpgSpicy Saucy Shrimp20181124_182206.jpg20181124_181542.jpg20181124_181526.jpg20181124_201756.jpgLive band20181124_200706.jpg

Chili'n Resto Bar, Quezon Boulevard, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
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Re: Chili'n Resto Bar

Hi @Parmour,


Thank you for sharing with us your photos. What do you like the most about this bar?


I suggest you to have a look on 6 helpful photo tips from Nigerian food blogger Atim Ukoh article, you might find it helpful. 


By the way, I am letting you know that I changed the label of the post to Food&Drink, as it fits better there.

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Parmour Level 7
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Re: Chili'n Resto Bar

Thank @InaS .