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Ednex Level 5
Level 5

Chat n food near the german boarder around the BeNeLux area



looking for sb to have a nice meal and chat near the german boarder around the BeNeLux area.


Just have some fun an meeting up.



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Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Chat n food

Hi @Ednex


I moved your post to Meet-ups as you are trying to find people from your area. I also changed the title to make it more descriptive and searchable by others. 


To find fellow Local Guides from your area, try searching the community for mentions of your city/country to find posts that have that name in the title, body of the post, or the location tag. Feel free to jump into these conversations, engage with the Local Guides near you,


You can also organize a meet up: How to Organize a Local Guides Meet-Up.

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