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Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

I am a person who loves valleys, hills and rivers. Bhutan was the right choice for a trip as it has everything I wanted in my holiday trip.

I went for a 6 day trip, but unfortunately half of that time has gone in travel itself (more about it later).

49776332_119570832433972_7255923014271945716_n.jpgReflection Shot of Tiger's Nest

Things to know before planning for a Trip to Bhutan,

  • Druk Air is the only airline that runs flights to Bhutan.
  • You either reach Bhutan by directly booking a flight to Paro (Bhutan Capital) or fly to Bagdogra (India) and travel Bhutan by Car.
  • Indians visiting Bhutan do not need any Passport. An entry permit need to be taken either at Paro Airport or Phuentsholing (Bhutan Border).
  • The entry permit is only valid for visiting Paro & Thimpu. For other northern regions of Bhutan such as Punaka, Haa etc, another permit is to be taken again from Thimpu.
  • Credit and Debit cards from Outside Bhutan do not work there. So carry as much cash as you can. Indian Rupees and dollars work there along with Bhutanese Currency.

I traveled in December,2018 with my wife to Bhutan. She is a summer person and I am a winter person. I knew that I will be enjoying the temperatures, but my wife had tough time with the sub zero temperatures..


Who are not much into reading, they can check this video to get an idea about the beauty of the place

Day 1: The first day went totally in travel from Delhi to Bagdogra by flight and then reaching Phuentsholing from there by Car. The travel route was scenic with hills on one side and the sun shining on the plantations at the other side. It got dark even before 5.30 PM which was something very strange for us who stay on the western side of the country. The major highlight of the day was this beautiful bridge we came across with white sand. Sun setting down on one side and the moon chinning up. We stayed at a Hotel named "Hotel Damchen". You can check my review of this place in detail here.

IMG_20181220_164103-01.jpegBride on Diana River in West Bengal, India

IMG_20181220_210854.jpgIndia-Bhutan border Gate

Day 2: The first Half of our day went in acquiring the permit for the entry and the other half in traveling to our first spot "Paro". Though its exhausting to travel by car for so long, the breathtaking views make your overcome all that. We stayed at Tenzinling resort and here's my detailed review.


inCollage_20181221_115157479.jpgPrayer Wheels at Zangdokpalri Temple


IMG_20181221_162535.jpgView from the Wanghka Dam Hotel

IMG_20181221_162548.jpgView of Chhuka onroute

Day 3: We were pretty much excited for our first actual tourist spot "Tiger's Nest Monastery". It was the main reason we wanted to visit this place. It's a 3hr trek to reach the top where you are greeted with the peaceful and beautiful Tiger's Nest also called as "Takstang".  The trek is a medium level trek but the height and climatic conditions can make it a little tiring sometimes. We started at around 9.30 AM in the morning and reached back by 5.00 PM. We were pretty slow to be frank but I enjoyed that pace as it gives me more time for clicking pictures.


IMG_20181222_091625.jpgThe starting point of the trek where the horses are waiting for their riders


IMG_20181222_110243.jpgA cat enjoying the royatly at Taktsang Cafeteria


IMG_20181222_140602.jpgThe famous prayer flags on the trek route


PANO_20181222_101215.vr.jpgPanaromic View from the Taktsang Hill


47111796_330694337524638_2743922591937664738_n.jpgThe Majestic Tiger's Nest

Day 4: This day actually turned into an adventure, thanks to the icy roads on our way to Haa Valley. Because of the slipper roads, the car could not move forward and the car slipped backwards that came to a halt after hitting another car. Fortunately no one got harmed. We had a good view of snow and ice there which I was dying to experience. After that incident we dropped the plan to visit Haa Valley and shifted our trip to Buddha Statue located at Thimpu. The statue is really huge and the place is enormous, located on a hill with 360 degree view of mountains. One feels like sitting their for hours and just look at the beauty around and also enjoy the cold breeze.


47581348_910052509199469_4572304945284720797_n.jpgMy first encounter with snow for the year


IMG_20181223_134517-01.jpegBuddha Statue


IMG_20181223_161214-EFFECTS.jpgParo River view


PANO_20181223_125944.jpg360 view of Buddha's Place

Day 5&6: These were pretty much a low ending days as it's just us traveling back to Phuentsholing and from there to Bagdogra.


Few Tips :

  • If planning to travel by car from Bagdogra, travel time to and from the actual tourist places consumes 3 effective days, so always plan you trip accordingly.
  • Always make sure that the driver you would be getting for your travel from Phuentsholing is Bhutanese one as they would give more trivia about each place. We missed this.
  • Buy souvenirs at Phuentsholing as they cost lesser compared to Paro and Thimpu.
  • There are no shops or stalls on the trek path to Tiger's Nest. Only one cafe which has limited food items. I suggest to buy Chocolates, Dry Fruits and snacks before starting the trek.


I hope this post will be helpful for few and inspires you to travel more. Also feel free to ask any other details you want to know about my travel.


Hello...@InaS  @PoliMC @DanniS... Tagging you guys as I thought you might enjoy the pictures :) 



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KEagle Level 10
Level 10

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos @Venky61 and the great information.

I'm from New Zealand and live in Prague, Czech Republic
Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

You made my day, @Venky61 

I have been literally traveling with you for 20 minutes, with your text and photos first, and with your video at the end.

The tips you gave at the beginning and at the end of the post are very important, in term of "what you need to know" for visiting Butan

Tiger's Nest is absolutely amazing.

I hope you will decide to write a more detailed post for everyone of the places you visited.

When you will do it, please tag me. I don't want to miss it

TorM Level 10
Level 10

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Dear @Venky61

Fantastic and now imagine:

Sitting with my wife drinking Coffee, while we read and view your post. The music in the video make us happy. 

Thank you for bringing Buthan to us in Germany for a while. 

@ermest is totally right. Great post!
INGA1 Level 8
Level 8

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

It is really outstanding post!

Perfect video with nice music, very beautiful photos.Breathtaking view on the mountains and interesting story with detail description .

I injoy reading your post.!

Amazing  photo of Tiger's Nest.!

Thank you so much @Venky61 for sharing for photos and video.

Share your impressions from travelling.

kasiyanta Level 10
Level 10

Bls: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Terima kasih @Venky61  sudah berbagi photo yang sangat bagus.

Pengambilan gambar yang sangat tepat.

Carmelina62 Level 7
Level 7

Rif.: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Hello. Super great post and beautiful photos. Thank you very much. Have a good night. 

Venky61 Level 6
Level 6

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Thank you @KEagle  and Pleasure's mine :)

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Venky61 Level 6
Level 6

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Hi @ermest 

I am really happy that you could connect with my travel diary :)

That's the beauty of these forums, we can experience the view of a place on opposite side of the earth.


And yes Tiger's Nest is a must visit place. One cannot stop being overwhelmed to see the monastery after the steep trek patch. I hope you visit the place one day.

I will be sharing my Philippines Travel story soon and shall tag you for sure :)

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Venky61 Level 6
Level 6

Re: Beautiful Bhutan - Travel Diary

Hi @TorM 

Thank you so much :) Coffee must have enhanced the experience for sure... Cheers to coffee lovers :)

The music was my wife's selection, so thanks to her.

Also I would love to visit Germany one day, hope it turns true :)


A great day to you and your wife :)

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