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Batticaloa- is it blessed or cursed with its Waters?

Batticaloa, of Sri Lanka is well known for it's lagoons and beaches. As it's name indicates in Tamil, Mattakkalappu: "Matta" means flat, "kalappu" means swamp. Overall, it's named as a flat swamp driven by its geographical features. 

Batticaloa, is located in the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka which has this well known Lagoon cutting accross the land area in several places of Batticaloa which has also resulted in quite a lot of bridges here (I'll be posting about them soon).

This lagoon has been proven by scholars to be the largest protein source of Batticaloa, since lagoon fishing is famous in this place. Moreover, it is the natural breeding station for swamp crabs which is a popular delicacy of Batticaloa. 

This lagoon, despite of all its natural beauty and it's vital role in the food chain, creates a big mess during rainy seasons. 

Sri Lanka, being a tropical country, gets monsoonal, convectional and expressional rainfalls. However, this monsoonal rainfall plays a major role like filling all necessary bunds for annual agriculture productions. However, the excess water from Batticaloa, runs to the sea through these lagoons and that's how the topography lies. 

When this lagoon finds it hard to carry the whole water runs, it starts to swell towards roads and households. Which actually is not a good time for citizens of Batticaloa.

Now here in Batticaloa, is such a flood season. While on my way back home, I could hardly capture some pictures and put them in to a video. Friends, if you have any plans to visit Batticaloa, this is not the right time. 

Have a look at the lagoon spreading along roads. 

Video of Batticaloa lagoon and adjacent roads

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka