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LL2 Level 1
Level 1

Awards list?

Is there a list of all possible Local Guides award types? It would be informative and also incentivize peope to know what's available.




deepakjhic Level 9
Level 9

Re: Awards list?

@LL2 There are many benefits for being a local guide. 

Right now there is only a perk offer for level4+ local guides. 


Check out the link mention below posted by our Google Moderator @TraciC




Happy Mapping 

iDepp Level 9
Level 9

Re: Awards list?

Hello @LL2

I'm Deep Pancholi From Incredible INDIA.

Warm Welcome to Local Guides and Local Guide Community !

When you Contribute on Google Maps,there is New Levels and Point System.

In Google Maps There is New levels System, Please check it.

The badge in Local Guides Connect is basically a form of gamification, to recognize involvement of Local Guides in the Local Guides Connect forum. (Street View Trusted Photographer Badge, Local Guide Level Badge, Solution Badge, etc)

Here is the post about that, check it.

and as @deepakjhic mentioned a Perk For Local Guides Level 4+.

hope it will help you.


Thank You.

Happy Mapping & Keep Contributing :)