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Autumn Colours in Cardiff

As the temperature drops the trees start to change colour. Here in Bute Park, Cardiff the trees put on a spectacular show of colour. 

2018-10-19 14.19.28.jpg


The park was the original grounds of Cardiff Castle, stretching along the River Taff towards Llandaff. In 1947 the Castle and park were handed over to the City by the 3rd Marquess of Bute whose family had owned the castle.

2018-10-19 14.19.34.jpg

It is now very popular with residents and tourists alike. You can enter the  next to the castle and enjoy over 100 acres of park, playing fields and sports pitches. There are two cafes in the park to stop and enjoy a cup of tea and enjoy the colours. 

IMG_8657.jpgThe Secret Garden Café, a walled garden in the middle of the park


Bute Park, North Road, Cardiff, UK
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Re: Autumn Colours in Cardiff

Hi @winetravelandsong,


Thank you for sharing your photos! The colors are amazing! Is this park dog friendly?


By the way, I relabeled your post to Travel.

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