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srschwinn Level 7
Level 7

Adding locations such as parks

I am a Level 7 Local Guide who has come across a number of locations that do not appear in Google Maps. They include small parks and cemeteries. I understand Google Maps has a way to add locations but parks and cemeteries are not among the allowed options. Is there any way I can add such locations?

KEagle Level 10
Level 10

Re: Adding locations such as parks

Hi @srschwinn, you add them just the way you add a missine business for example. On Google Maps, "Add a missing place"

I'm from New Zealand and live in Prague, Czech Republic
Hoanglinh325 Level 8
Level 8

Trả lời: Adding locations such as parks

Tôi thấy có mà bạn trong danh mục bạn đánh cemetery là ra thôi

deepakjhic Level 9
Level 9

Re: Adding locations such as parks

Hello @srschwinn,

There are already options to add such locations in maps. Please refer to below images and procedure to do so.

Above image showing cemetery category on google maps,

Above image showing park category available in maps.


Add a missing place

  1. Open the Google Maps 
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Add a missing place.
  3. Choose an option, then follow the instructions onscreen.

Here are two post with full instructions,


Best Of Luck

Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Adding locations such as parks

Hello @srschwinn,


I think @deepakjhic had provided great information that you can follow and I've marked his answer as the solution to your question. 


Just as additional tips, if you have need more information about Google Maps, you can simply head to Google Maps Support or feel free to join the discussion for more in depth topics on the Google Maps Forum.   

Due to the volume of private messages Googlers receive, I do not read or respond to private messages. Please post publicly so others may benefit from your discussion. If you require urgent assistance, please tag a Google Moderator. Thank you!