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Adding Home addresses

HayyanN Level 2
Level 2

Adding Home addresses

How do we add in home addresses for all homes in google maps for better navigation/maps experience? 

ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: Adding Home addresses

@HayyanN hi

Welcome to connect ...

Adding home address on maps have some rule ..

U cannot add your personal Home like as  Hayyan Home is not allowed on maps ... 

U can add Compound building, Commercial building, apartment Building,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or

u may add any Business place, Hospital, School, college or other points of interest ......

how u can add a places 

Open your maps ..

then select place to add on maps then go to option menu ..

Select Add a missing place 

then follow my tips ... 




For more help read help line 

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Adding Home addresses

@HayyanN Can you explain what you mean by adding them on Maps? The address will most likely be on Maps, although it won't be available for editing/review (for obvious reason). Do you mean to mark it so that you can find it easily when navigating? I personally label my home and work location so I can find it easily (only privately available to me). If that's what you meant, please follow the instruction below:


Give a place a private label

HayyanN Level 2
Level 2

Re: Adding Home addresses

@IvanY @Md ShafiulB Here in Karachi, Pakistan; the home addresses aren't marked for each individual house, I was hoping to start marking them for my area. I marked the houses in my lane way back in 2010 through map maker and forgot how i did them. They have helped so many people as I just send them my address and the search it on g maps and navigate easily to my place. i was hoping to do this for all houses near my area. Thankyou!