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About of Hajiganj Upzilla

The Hajigonj Municipality is a 1st class municipality. It is 19 km 2 in area. The population of the municipality is 58,000, with a population density of 3055 people per km 2 . According to the

2011 Bangladesh census , Haziganj had a population of 291,057. Males constituted 49.17% of the population, and females 50.83%. The population aged 18 or over was 127,498. Haziganj had an average literacy rate of 60.5% (7+ years), compared to the national average of 64.4%.

Hajiganj Upazila, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh
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Re: About of Hajiganj Upzilla

Dear Naiem. Hope all's well. Here's the Maps for Haziganj, Upazila, Bangladesh The place looks beautiful. Kind regards from Osaka78 PS Is this building in Haziganj? We thought it was in Singapore:
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Re: About of Hajiganj Upzilla

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Re: About of Hajiganj Upzilla

Thanks for your kind information.