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A taste of Mexico(at least, what I imagine Mexico would taste like) in Bed-Stuy

     Have you gotten sick and tired of all the Mexican food venues everywhere because more than half of them are never that good? And all the happy hour margarita places that have pre-mixed versions with the lowest shelf tequila you can find? Well I am here to tell you about thee best, by far, Mexican + Mezcalita's (don't worry, i'll define soon) place in Brooklyn!

     I walk up to the restaurant and there are no major signs anywhere really except for the little sandwich board braggin' about their Happy Hour $6 Margarita's $7 Mezcalita's and some stringing white lights above the entryway. As I walk in, I feel the vibe immediately. It is small, quaint, about 6 two top tables and one 6/7 person long table on your right and the colorful bar to your left. Let me add, the bar has about 7/8 seats and a gorgeous tile counter top...not a bad place to dine alone! Behind me, there are two large window's that open wide during the hot summer days and cool summer nights. Candles light up each table with a fresh flower or two as I walk over to an empty table and sit down. There are knickknacks all over: on the wall, by the bathroom, behind the bar. They hand me a small paper menu and an even smaller one which had the drinks. So I order a Mezcalita, basically a margarita but with mezcal instead of tequila and a chili salt rim! Don't have to tell me twice. I also immediately order the chips and guacamole. Boy, was that guacamole GOOD. It's the chunky, freshly made-to-order type! After two Mezcalitas in, I order the shrimp quesadilla and the vegetarian taco. I should add: I am not vegetarian

Jade Zeller
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Re: A taste of Mexico(at least, what I imagine Mexico would taste like) in Bed-Stuy

Hi @theejadezeller,


Thank you for sharing your post with us. You made me want to take the first flight and go to this place. I love Mexican food, and it is true, it is very difficult to find a place with good quality. Do you have pictures from there? If yes, why not add them here?


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