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mathieuR Level 7
Level 7

A personnal Introduction || #LGSummit17 Application

Hey guys,

I'm Mathieu, 22 years old and I'm from Paris and this a quick introduction to my local guide Experiences.



Everything begin for a school project, 2 years ago I had to make an immersive website so I decided to implement virtual and augmented reality to it. At this time only Youtube and Google maps can handle 360 so I try to make It count.

My First 360 photo I took was this one close to la Bastille. Two month later I receive an e-mail saying that I hit 100 000 views thanks to this photo I realize the impact that a photo can have so I keep going on this way (today i'm close to 2.5 millions views crazy right) . For the last 2 years I had the opportunity to visit several city and country so I share 360° photos and make reviews of those place.

I also receive the Google trusted Photographer badge that today allow me to make a business of it.


Beside the Local Guide Program , I'm still studying and I aspire to become a programmer and as you may see I'm passionate about Photography and Video Editing.

Here is my social media link (If you want to have a look ;) :




Can't wait to see you In San Francisco ;)


and Here my #LGSummit17 application video


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Osaka78 Level 10
Level 10

Re: A personnal Introduction || #LGSummit17 Application

Dear mathieuR, hope all's well. Nice Summit application video. Many applications out on Connect. :) Congrats for joining in. Kind regards from Osaka78