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A Time For Thanks

ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: A Time For Thanks

@mchomsky Thanks  ...

Really u are very keen to Meet Local Guides Team...  

For get live experience.... 

PabloSanchez Level 8
Level 8

Re: A Time For Thanks

 Thanks to you, you were great at the summit and with your help in this community and the Hangout meetings you are making us a better local guides.


Happy new year!

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: A Time For Thanks

Thanks @mchomsky, and happy 2017 to you and @TraciC @Corrie @GusMoreira @AradhanaB @AnoukV @ and rest of the Local Guides team!!

TrudyeW Level 3
Level 3

Re: A Time For Thanks

@mchomsky Thank you, and Happy 2017 not only to you but to all the Local Guides in @Everywhere USA for being committed to making this venture greater in purpose! I look forward to growing while learning from the best. Kudos to you all.


MrG Level 4
Level 4

Re: A Time For Thanks

thank you happy new year ftom NZ


AlisterL Level 5
Level 5

Re: A Time For Thanks

Happy New Year to all.

Sushant1 Level 7
Level 7

Re: A Time For Thanks

may this new year brings health & happiness in the life of all. I take this oppertunity to thank all google team involved in chanhing lives by their creative efforts. 

Happy new year 2017




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Re: A Time For Thanks

Happy new year to my dear all local guides friends and family :)

SamornT Level 9
Level 9

Re: A Time For Thanks


Wish you happy new year!! New Year 2017 is coming to gear up in some days of time and many people are ready with their New Year plans and are as excited to welcome the New Year. Merely people, love New Year’s as they bring lots of joy, happiness, and prosperity or the entire year!! :)

BorislavA Level 8
Level 8

Re: A Time For Thanks

  @mchomsky , @@@so happy to hear that!!!!


Thank you too and Have a really Amazing New 2017 Year!!!



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