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5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

icebergs.jpgCaption: A photo of Sydney’s Bondi Icebergs Club, a swim club on Bondi Beach featuring pools that jut out over the ocean and are filled with seawater from the waves, along with the coastline and beach in the background. (Local Guide John Mulley)

As the weather cools down here in New York and we start getting glimpses of winter, I can’t help but be jealous of those in the Southern Hemisphere, like Aussies, who are heading from spring into summer. Instead of bundling up, folks Down Under are tucking their sweaters away and spending more time outside, which seems like a good time to abandon the New York chill and escape to Bondi Beach for some sunshine.


To get started on planning this trip (even if it’s just a daydream!), I looked at lists on Google Maps. Here are some ideas for strolling around Sydney on a warm day, according to lists made by Aussie Local Guides.


sydney cafe.jpgCaption: A photo of two croissants, a sausage roll with a side of ketchup, two mini pies, and two bottled drinks on a wooden table at Sydney’s Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills. (Local Guide James Dewar)

1. Start off your day at a cafe and bring your pup along to one of the great spots on Local Guide Mark Ehrman’s list, Dog Friendly Cafes Surry Hills / Redfern, like the popular Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills.


bondi to coogee.jpgCaption: A photo of Sydney’s Bondi to Coogee Walk, showing part of the walk’s cement pathway and wooden railing, which carves through greenery along the coastline. (Local Guide Brian Drinkwater)

2. Then, head to the coast for the scenic Bondi to Coogee Walk, which is recommended on Local Guide Flor Mollá’s list of five can’t miss spots for the perfect weekend Sydney.


3. After a long walk, wash off the heat of the day with a dip in an ocean pool, like the iconic Bondi Icebergs Club, which is recommended on Local Guide Penny Christie’s list, Awesome Ocean Pools in Sydney.


4. Relax after a day of activity with a pint or flight of craft beer at one of the recommendations from Local Guide Matthew Crane’s list, Inner West Craft Beer Guide, like the Cellar Bar at Wayward Brewing Co.


coogee restaurant.jpgCaption: A photo of the turquoise bar at Sydney restaurant The Bucket List, showing rows of liquor and wine bottles on wooden shelves as well as glassware, bottles of beer, multi-colored string lights, and the restaurant’s colorful painted walls. (Local Guide Luigi Avantaggiato)

5. End the day with a tasty meal at one of Local Guide Penny Christie’s favorites in Coogee, like tacos at The Bucket List.


How do you spend sunny days in your city? Make a list and share the link in the comments below!






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Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

@kmajewski: I think I'm with you on this one, as I head towards fall/winter, I am definitely wishing I am down in the southern hemisphere.

Thanks for sharing these lists! One of the places I've always wanted to swim at is at that pool by Bondi Beach! Will have to make that trip some day soon! :)

Victoria_v Level 8
Level 8

Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

@kmajewski , I agree with you! I am also starting to be a little jealous of those who are in the Southern Hemisphere now. :)
I have been in Sydney, and now, thanks to this message, I remembered my visit.


For those who will be in Sydney, I recommend a trip to Blacktown. It is near Sydney.There is Featherdale Wildelife park. This is a contact zoo, where you can get acquainted with Australian animals.



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Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

@kmajewski wow! The famous Bondi beach I keep seeing everywhere!


I hope to visit Australia some day very soon. Looks like the perfect Sunday :) 

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Amiran Level 10
Level 10

Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

Thanks for sharing these places to have a good ordinary day in Sydney @kmajewski.

What is your tips @PaulPavlinovich?

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Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

While I live nearly 900km south of Sydney I can give you some tips @Amiran because I do visit the city periodically. 


1. Cockatoo Island - a fascinating mixture of an old decommissioned naval base, industrial facilities, art, culture and Aboriginal history

cockatoo-is-IMG_6692.jpgHeritage Naval dock - Cockatoo Island

2 - Sydney Opera House - a famous icon of architecture recognisable anywhere in the world, just happens to be next to the main ferry / rail / bus interchange

vivid-IMG_6495.jpgSydney Opera House

vivid-IMG_6967.jpgSydney Opera House lit during Vivid Festival

3. Luna Park - one of three Luna Parks in the world (Melbourne, Sydney, Coney Island New York) this one has the most heritage still intact alongside a mix of modern rides and the most amazing overnight lighting.

vivid-IMG_7017.jpgLuna Park Sydney

4. Hornby Lighthouse - magnificent still operating candy striped lighthouse at the heads of Sydney Harbour (Botany Bay). This is a good destination because the public transit ferry ride will take you right through the harbour (as good as any harbour tour boat) and the walk out to the lighthouse takes you through residential, beach and cliff top paths including war bunkers and a fort. Right at the ferry port is Doyle's where at the take away (to go / take out) window you can get reasonably priced fantastic fish and chips.

watsons-IMG_7654.jpgHornby Lighthouse


5. Old Helensburg Station / Helensburgh Railway Tunnel because it is a wonderful experience to explore this old tunnel, but mostly because of the amazing glow worms. Walk in about half way and let your eyes adjust to the light. You will see stars overhead! Don't use any bright light in the tunnel.

helensburgh-IMG_7286.jpgHelensburg abandoned railway tunnel

helensburgh-IMG_7318.jpgHelensburgh Tunnel Glow Worms

Jolita24 Level 3
Level 3

Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

Estoy de acuerdo contigo porque aquí en República Dominicana estamos en diciembre y hace un calor terrible yo quisiera ir si a esa playa nadar un poco tomar un descanso hay ese viaje sería muy útil eso sí con mi café bien fuerte en la mañana.

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Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

Amazing photos.  Thank you very much @kmajewski @PaulPavlinovich.

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Irfansalamat Level 10
Level 10

Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

Hi, @kmajewski

So beautiful photos and amazing place the swimming pool along the beach is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing this 

HiroyukiTakisawa Level 10
Level 10

Re: 5 lists for a perfect day in Sydney

All of the photos are beautiful...! Thank you for sharing them @kmajewski@PaulPavlinovich@Victoria_v :-)

I wanna go there!