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#3 Days in Nobiganj, Hobiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh

At the years last moments, first time I have visited my sister's husbands fishing project and living place in Nobiganj, Hobiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh. That was the moment of that year. We have visited some very beautiful natural spots. Now I am going to write about those places.

First of all I want to say that, It was December's last week, eve of Christmas, full of cold of winter and the 31st and new year was knocking at door. In this weaather of occasions we started by a microbus with my sister, her husband, her husband's brother and brothers friend and one of our cousins. We started for the Madhobpur Lake on first day of journey. It is on Srimongol under Moulvibazar district. It is one of the most rainy area of Bangladesh. This spot has lots of small mountains and large amount of known-unknown plants. Full area has a large 'Lake' inside it. The Lake is very beautiful when we see it from the top points of the mountains. Mountains are not so tall but they are very tuff to climb as they are about 80-85 degree angel with land. The matter of fun and sorrow both were happend when we lost our way of return from the land of bushes of mountain sides. The full journey was seeming like a nightmare. But when we got the way, it was a victory of discover. This lake contains lots of lotus of pink color, that looks very lovely. There was a lots of street dogs, one of them started following us and at a time it was working like a guide by itself. Being mad we suddenly started to follow it when we were in dark about the returning way. But certainly it was very disappointing. Whatever happen, we fed it and its relative dogs some biscuit as a token of love between dog and tourists :)


1549876853574.JPEGRare blind fish1549876853613.JPEG1549876853900.JPEG31st night Party1549876853929.JPEGFlower of tea plant1549876853972.JPEGFishing from project1549876854027.JPEGMonkey!!!1549876854089.JPEGCatching large ones and leaving smalls1549876854127.JPEGBike RIde on the winter night1549876854216.JPEGHollywood Movie shooting spot that got Oscar1549876854254.JPEGSelfie with foreigner1549876854317.JPEGThe dog as guide1549876854376.JPEGFull team1549876854478.JPEGSisters1549876854528.JPEGBoat Journey1549876854557.JPEGChristmas tree in house1549876854589.JPEGThe top mountain top view from the 2nd top1549876854632.JPEGLargest plant that we discovered1549876854677.JPEGDucks!!!1549876854708.JPEGFunny Meditation on the top mountain under the tree


Next day we visited the Lauyachora. It is a very large area with large combination of plants and huge species of birds and animals. Some of them are squirrel, monkey, wood-picker, wild hen and snakes. We started to walk, continued to walk, tired of walking but the land of walking was not ends. There were many other different ways to visit the land. We saw many funny named plants that we have not ever heared before. Once upon a time these type of rare plants were available all over this continent. But in the passage of time we made them rare. Cut, used and never thought about plant again. We have enojoyed the day with full of adventure and fun.


At the last day of the year, month and week of 2018, we reached in 31st night. We prepared a chichen, some fishes with bread and Coca-Cola. In that night I have a cold motor-cycle ride in the highway, it seems that the dust of ice and the piece of mist was throwing roughly on my face. We visited the big fishing projects and learned the inner actions to manage them. Talked about a lot of things about our future and fade the sorrow of past. A very warm welcome to visit Bangladesh :)

Nazmul Hasan Bappy
Sylhet, Bangladesh
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Re: #3 Days in Nobiganj, Hobiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Hello @NazmulHasanBappy,


Thank you for sharing your trip with us, everything looks so interesting. The place is simply amazing, and as a fish and sea food lover I would definitely like to try these fish meals.  


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AbdullahAM Level 9
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Re: #3 Days in Nobiganj, Hobiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Many information, thank you for sharing your travel experience with us @NazmulHasanBappy