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10 amazing photos taken by me of Abbottabad.

In last few days I visited different locations of Abbottabad. I discovered different places and also captured it to share it with google family. 

To celebrate some of the amazing contributions on Maps, I am sharing some of photos here.Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below!



IMG_1253.jpgLush Greenery always exists here.IMG_6116.jpgThe Misty AyubiaIMG_8206.jpgThe StragglerIMG_1263.JPGRoads are always busyIMG_4917.JPGMarkets at nightIMG_5048 edit.jpgA small village in suburbs of Abbottabad cityIMG_5598.JPGNight life view of Abbottabad city.IMG_6024.JPGSun-set viewIMG_6604.JPGSaw this while hiking to Mushkpuri top.IMG_9421.JPGSunrise captured

Kalamkakan Level 8
Level 8

Re: 10 amazing photos taken by me of Abbottabad.

Great job @Fasih14 Sir

Thank You! -- Abdul Kalam

Re: 10 amazing photos taken by me of Abbottabad.

@Fasih14 Thank you for sharing! You've captured some great moments, especially the woman with the goats and the silhouette at sunset.