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  • ကျာ်မၚ်ဝ နွံလဒေါတ်ၜဳတုဲ တုပ်တဴညံၚ်ကျာ်ခမဳတအ်မွဲကီု...
Aue-Nai-Foundation Level 7
Level 7

ကျာ်မၚ်ဝ နွံလဒေါတ်ၜဳတုဲ တုပ်တဴညံၚ်ကျာ်ခမဳတအ်မွဲကီုရ။

49699272_228385238087980_5238171062281175040_n.jpgကျာ်မၚ်ဝ၊ ကွာန်ကအ်ဍောတ်၊ ပွိုၚ်ဍုၚ်ရေဝ်


Lamaing, Myanmar (Burma)
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Re: ကျာ်မၚ်ဝ နွံလဒေါတ်ၜဳတုဲ တုပ်တဴညံၚ်ကျာ်ခမဳတအ်မွဲကီုရ။

Hi @Aue-Nai-Foundation,

Welcome to Local Guides Connect!


Thank you for sharing this photo with us. Did you visit it or you live there? Is this city popular among tourists? Can you please add a bit more details about what you share. Because sharing more information about what you upload will help others to understand why you are sharing and why they should read your posts.


Since you're new to the community, you might want to share a bit more about yourself and get to know others in our monthly Introduce Yourself- January 2019 Also, you can read these Tips: Using Local Guides ConnectWhat makes a good post? and What are Connect topics?

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