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Naiem Level 8
Level 8

Why my reply or comment rejected.

Sometimes i face a problem. When i try to comment or reply any discussion with full details. My reply go to rejected page. Why?


I'm sure, there has no spam or no invalid content that make violates or break Local Guides Rules.

Chandpur District, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh
Csaba Level 10
Level 10

Re: Why my reply or comment rejected.

Hi @Naiem, there are moderators here at connect with special powers to mark certain posts as spam. These posts then get into a special quarantine for further investigation. 


Now there is also an (experimental?) automatic system which boasts to be AI based. Our (moderators') role is to mark only spam as such as the system can "learn" from that and any false marking would cause the system to learn BS. But the automated system also make mistakes and reports false positives. 


Fortunately we also have the option to review all these reports and (sort of) "release" certain posts from the spam quarantine. This, supposedly will also teach the AI not to mark these posts as spam automatically in the future.


Well, I have found 5 of your posts there and indeed they look innocent so I have no idea what may have triggered the system. Anyway, I have now "released" all 5 of them. Sorry for the inconveniece but let's face it; there is a price of a spam free (or low spam) forum nowadays. In fact, some of my posts have also been quarantined. Certainly I did not like it either.

Naiem Level 8
Level 8

Re: Why my reply or comment rejected.

Dear @Csaba sir, Thank you for your kind response.