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Best restaurant ever in saraguro - Ecuador



Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador
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VijayDesai Level 10
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Re: Restaurants

Hi @rafa_maruri


Warm Welcome to Local Guide Connect family.


It seems this is your first post.


You can post your reviews, edits, photos, comments and stay focused on forum guidelines. 


Before actual posting, Pl. go through LG Connect Programme Rules, The Five Core Values of Connect, Help etc.(see TABs at the bottom of page).


Never share your or anybody's personal information in L G Connect.


Please note, this global community is for Individuals only and any kind of advertising or self promotion is banned here


Also introduce yourself to LG Connect @Aug.2018, for better understanding to interact with the community.


You may use search engine to check the topics already discussed earlier.


Happy exploring, mapping and writing.


Vijay Desai.