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RicardoP Level 1
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Renew free drive storage after 1 year

There is a way to renew my free drive storage after it expires?

If don't, i can say that its not nice what google is doing and i will explain why:
Let's imagine someone like me that uses drive a lot, in college, job, personal life etc. But always managing my 15 gb, and one day i get this 100gb free storage for 1 year and start using 20gb of it, 25gb and finally 50gb of the 100gb available.
After 1 year, when my free drive storage expire i will not be able to upload any file anymore before removing 35gb of my data.
If i don't do that i can't use my google drive anymore, and i can tell you that it's not easy to get away with 35gb of data. I can't imagine a way to delete my 15gb there, imagine the nightmare to remove 35gb or more!

Then i will have no option but pay google drive forever to keep using google drive or migrate to other service like dropbox (i dont like dropbox and love google drive! i use my google drive for years).
So, we can say that this offer is almost a trap.
I know google just want to offer a gift to those who help sending data (photos, comments etc), its a good thing, but the gift must be complete, not half of it!

A way to renew the offer, like making 200 points (or more, doesn't matter) again every year!
This way the users will keep sending data (good for google) and keep the offer (good for users).
Win win solution

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Renew free drive storage after 1 year

Hey @RicardoP, I'm moving this post to the Feedback & Features Request so it can be easily tracked. Next time if you have other suggestions that board would be the place to put them in :)

Pea Level 8
Level 8

Re: Renew free drive storage after 1 year

I said this to a Google employee last year when I was offered 1TB. I explained, as you mention, that if I was over my standard 15GB at the end of the year then my account would grind to a halt unless I started paying for the extra storage or deleted everything to get below 15GB again.


My suggestion at the time was instead of 1TB for a year, Google should offer 10GB for life. The Google employee said something along the lines of "we're always reviewing these offers, I'll feed that back, wait and see, etc, etc..."


My own personal solution was to ignore the 1TB I was given. Thanks, but no thanks, I'll live within my standard 15GB limit unless the offer terms change.

martinh Level 4
Level 4

Re: Renew free drive storage after 1 year

10 gb for life sounds much better than the current 100 gb for one year. It feels like a bait to force you to pay more afterwards.

BradFredricks Level 7
Level 7

Re: Renew free drive storage after 1 year

Has this subject been covered or answered by Google?

It's legit, I've already gotten sucked into the storage with my free 100GB, but now you got me, Google.

I am a level 7 guide and will continue to contribute if my efforts are met with some form of payment, other than GoogleWill. 

I'm providing a service and doing a good job and don't think it is ok to charge me for the 100gb you gave me for doing a good job. If you remove my free 100gb how about removing all my reviews and content too because you get to keep it but I don't get to keep the 100gb.

Think you guys got stuck in a moral pickle. Let us see some goodwill from Google for those continuing to contribute. 

Malarik Level 9
Level 9

Re: Renew free drive storage after 1 year

I agree with many of the ideas.  While I do not think that the Google Connect lower level people

thought how this may play out.  Corporate has to have smart people who could have anticipated

that it may look like " a bait and switch" type of play.  It was incumbent upon them to fully

explain both the plus & minuses of accepting & using more temporary space....as well as the

dire ramifications once the space was reduced back to 15GB.  


While I personally did accept the temp space, once I realized that tens of GB were being used

by pics intended for Google Maps, I compressed.  It is extremely annoying that the setting will

not compress new pics that find there was into the now tiny drive.


Even few months, I freak out on how much space my Gmail takes, only to find that I have to

again recompress the pics that wandered in.


Google should be the master of programming & this should not be a problem. If this is a problem,

a simple solution is an addition choice of let say- please compress any addition new photo after

1-4 weeks from full resolution to compressed - please send an email to notify me of uncompressed

pics before compression with the option to download....and more.


Maybe they need me up North to help out with this....ha...ha...


I could be a consultant, since I am a so-called "expert" on some human behavior....sadly

mostly for Sociopaths [no, not for DC....yet].


So much for my 2 cents & rant.


-Paul :)