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Piehti Level 8
Level 8

[REQUEST] [NEW CATEGORY] ["Kaugummiautomat"]

Hey folks and good evening,


please add the category "Kaugummiautomat". The translation would be "(Bubble)gum vending machine".

Right now there is no fitting label AFAIK.


"Vending machine" would do also in a more common way. Would be "Automat" or "Ver- und Gebrauchsmittelautomat" (what would be like "Vending machine for articles of daily use").

This could be used for cigarette vending machines, jewlery vending machines, gold vending machines, etc etc etc too.


I'd pointed a similar issues out in the "Request suggest new Category" posting - which I still think would be the better solution on the farsight. One could cap the ability to suggest new categories to certain level to prevent abuse.


Best regards


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GéraldM Level 8
Level 8

Re: [REQUEST] [NEW CATEGORY] ["Kaugummiautomat"]

@Piehti  interesting idea. I was also wondering if we should map the vending machines or not....

"A camera is a save button for the mind's eye" - Geek quote :)