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Looking forward to 2017

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Looking forward to 2017

New year is coming.  Let's give some ideas to the LG team on what to do in 2017 (as if they do not have enough to do)


I want focus on improving the Maps ecosystems as a whole.  Point out the required activities, changes in specific ways to achieve the target.


And of course back with Benefits to Google, Maps, LG Program, Connect, LG Members, and Maps users.


I consider LG starts mainly for Reviewers.  Not in the sense of approving Map edits but about telling the world how great a Place it is.


The Reviewers correct Maps data as it is needed for others to enjoy the sense great experience - it is not the primary aim for lots of the Reviewers.


Then, we got large group of new members used to tell stories by Pictures, especially natural wonders.  The Panoramio contributors.


Soon, we got another large group of dedicated Mappers that making Maps accurate is their mission.


Something is got change in order to allow each group their place in the new environment.


What is your view?

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Re: Looking forward to 2017

This is  in my mind while writing the open post.


The LG program so far awards for creating contents and for correcting contents.  BUT it seems report as close (removing contents) do not gain points.  Thus LG program should promote the remove of bad contents to balance.


Suggest to have a De-duplicator Badge for the Local Guides Program

1.  This badge is awarded to LGs (as person), who enrolled to the De-duplicator Program, based on Hunting SCORES


2.  How to Enroll

- LGs at their LG Account Home Page, can select to join this Sub-program

- Need to pass an enrollment test (5 MC questions for related Mapping rules.  5 Reports on given samples of duplicates.  5 Ratings of sample reports)

- Passing score:  3/5 for each of the sections.


3.  Scores

* Reporting of Duplicates - Total Reports, Good Reports.  Weighted Average.

* Rating on Reports of Duplicates - Total Ratings, Good Ratings.  Weighted Average.


4.  Pre-existing Hunts

- Once successfully enrolled, all pre-existing Hunts will be scored.


5.  To maintain the Badge

- Badge award is not life long.  It needs to be maintain in a rolling 3 months bases

- Need to maintain > 66% for both Hunt Average & Rating Average & Total of new Reports + Ratings > 135.


6.  Benefits for Badge Holders

- Reasons will be given for a report not approved

- Have a weight of 2 while Rating others review

- When both Hunt Average & Rating Average > 75%, Reports will be auto-approved

* When an auto-approved reports is BAD, it will carry a weight of -3.

- A corresponding Badge at Connect Forum.



7. Further reward for badge owners:

- At year end, for each calendar month, the Top Hunter will featured in Social Channels:

* Top Hunter

* Top Rater (reviewer of Hunt reports)

* And for the whole year, the Top Hunter and Top Rater.


ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: Looking forward to 2017

wow!  It will b a Great...  

When it will Start.... 

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Pea Level 8
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Re: Looking forward to 2017

SampsonF wrote:

  I consider LG starts mainly for seems report as close (removing contents) do not gain points.  

That's really the wrong way to look at the LG program, reviewing is important but not more so than adding/correcting/removing content which does of course gain points. 

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Re: Looking forward to 2017

Hi @PhilipF,


Thank you for you opinion.


May be you can do me a favour.  Please tag me when you are quoting and reply to me.


I am sure your reply has taken full consideration of the limit of timeliness.



Pea Level 8
Level 8

Re: Looking forward to 2017

Hi @SampsonF timeliness was definitely a consideration that I pondered, but as you'd recently linked to this thread from another I also considered it important that anyone following the link wasn't left confused about points for removing content